How much do you know about disposable biodegradable lunch boxes and how many kinds of disposable biodegradable lunch boxes are t


After the upgrade of plastic restriction, some people are happy and some people are worried. Major businesses in the catering industry are forced to replace ordinary lunch boxes with disposable biodegradable lunch boxes. How much do you know about disposable biodegradable lunch boxes? There are several types of disposable biodegradable lunch boxes Anrui test engineers to answer your questions.

Biodegradable lunch box testing.

Disposable biodegradable lunch boxes have the following types:

Cardboard type

Cardboard fast tableware is made of 300-350g bleached sulfate wood pulp cardboard, through a stamping and forming process similar to sheet metal processing. To prevent it from seeping oil or water, a film should be applied on bamboo teaspoon its surface or chemical additives should be applied. It is non-toxic to human body and has no side effects during the production and use. However, it requires high quality of cardboard and the cost will increase.


Starch-based edible fast tableware, as the name implies, is made from starchy plants, stirred and kneaded with edible additives such as dietary fiber. It is refined by biocomposite, polysaccharide cross-linking, calcium ion chelation and other technologies, and consists of four parts: dense layer, inner waterproof layer, rubber mesh layer and outer waterproof layer.

Pulp Molding Type

Wood pulp or reed, bagasse, wheat straw, straw and other annual herbaceous plant fiber pulp is purified by pulping, adding appropriate amount of non-toxic chemical additives, molding, drying, forming, shaping, cutting edges and sterilization. The cost is between 0.28-0.32 yuan. The product is not very aesthetically pleasing and also increases wastewater pollution.

Plant fiber type

Plant fiber tableware has obvious advantages in environmental protection. It is made of plant fiber extracted from rice straw, rice husk, bagasse, etc., adding additives such as molding agent, binder, water-resistant agent, etc., stirring the molding machine to form, and then drying, shaping, disinfecting and other post-processing. These agricultural offcuts can be used as industrial raw materials and contribute to the comprehensive utilization of agricultural resources.




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