Enjoy the many uses of "Neringa" at home and on the go!


We're going to be featuring how to use condensed perfume! Along with the allure of perfumes, we'll show you how to apply it to make it last longer and what to do if you've used it for too long. We'll give you a lecture on how to use it in your room. We've also prepared some items that we recommend for beginners to make their debut in perfume paste. ♪

What are perfumes?

A solid balm-like texture is the characteristic of an "application type of perfume". There are two types of pastes: the type that comes in a container such as a can and is applied to the finger, and the type that can be applied directly without taking it off the finger. There are two types of sticks. The beauty of both types is that you can adjust the amount you want to apply. Many of them are made from natural fragrances such as plant oils and essential oil aromas, so they are gentle on the skin. You can also use it like a moisturizing balm.

Here is a detailed introduction to the four charms of such a paste perfume.

1.Less irritation to the skin

Paste perfume does not contain alcohol components like the spray type perfume, so even people with weak skin can use it. It is easy to use. It can be used as a dry care product because it contains moisturizing ingredients.

2. Gentle scent

It is also important to note that it does not use alcohol, so the scent does not become harsh. You will notice the scent when you get close to it, so it doesn't cause any damage at school, office or restaurant. No, it's not.

3. It's easy to remove if you put too much on.

Kneaded perfume is gentle to begin with, so if you apply too much, you can wash it off or use a tissue. Wipe off gently and you're good to go, but be sure to apply it little by little.

4. Small enough to carry around with you

Many of the perfumes are compact, so they are not too bulky to store in a bag or pouch. Points. There is no need to worry about spills.

The way it smells depends on where you put it!

Take a little bit of condensed perfume with your fingertips and apply it where you want to smell it. Don't take it off by prying because it will be sticky if you apply it too much. Here, I will introduce the way to bring out the charm of the kneaded perfume, so please refer to it.

When you put it on a high temperature area, you can "smell the aroma of the air".

If you apply it on your neck, behind your ears, or on your chest, it will react to your body heat and the scent will come up easily. The scent of concoction will fade after about 3 hours, so add more often.

Putting it on your fingertips or lips gives you a scent that comes to life on a moment's notice.

This perfume paste also contains moisturizing ingredients so you can apply it to moisturize your sweet skin, lips, eye area and other dry areas. You can also take care of it. It's also great to apply it to your elbows and knees.

When you apply it to your hair, you can "smell it every time you move.

You can use the perfume concoction on your hair to moisturize and slightly style the ends of your hair. When the wind blows or you move, you can smell the gentle scent.

In the summer, you can "prolong the scent" by applying it to places that don't sweat easily.

Enjoy "scent transfer" to your room or clothes!

For hygiene reasons, the expiration date is basically one and a half to three months, since the kneaded perfume is used by putting your finger directly into it. I have. If it has expired, you can enjoy scenting your room or things with it. I'll show you how to use it in your room, so look for tips...

For a "room fragrance" on the windowsill

Open the lid of the perfume paste and put it in a well-ventilated window, or apply a little to the hem of a curtain. Then, with the wind, a gentle scent will come in.

Put it in your closet and "scent your clothes"!

If you open the lid and put it in the closet, you can put it in your outerwear and bags that you don't often wash. It can be casually scented.

Put it on paper and put it "in the drawer".


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Enjoy the many uses of "Neringa" at home and on the go!

We re going to be featuring how to use condensed perfume! Along with the allure of perfumes, we ll show you how to apply it to make it last longer and what to d...

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