Why butter hot pot is favored by consumers?

When using hot pot(牛熊市) base, we often need to use a variety of raw materials, and butter is one of the necessary ingredients to make authentic hot pot base. Many people will wonder why butter is used to make the hot pot base? We'll talk more about it.

Butter is an important component of the hot pot base. Although some people say that eating butter does not cause weight gain, it is important to note that butter contains roughly the same ratio of fatty acids to unsaturated fats, so it is not a particularly healthy fat, but butter does help to add flavor to food.

Butter is very well absorbed into food, so when we taste dishes prepared with butter, we can taste a very strong butter flavor. One of the reasons why fondue tastes so beautiful is the presence of butter.

And some of the butter is very accommodating, just like the broth, can be a variety of ingredients and hot pot base of various production spices, peppers, peppercorns and other flavors can not be completely integrated into us, so that the butter contains a very rich and layered flavor, which is an important reason why the butter hot pot business is so considered delicious.

Therefore, the use of butter for hot pot base is a very popular practice, it can be said that the use of butter for hot pot base hit the taste of modern hot pot.

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