Actually, I can go there on the weekend! This is the recommended plan to enjoy Singapore in two days.

Actually, I can go there on the weekend! This is the recommended plan to enjoy Singapore in two days.

Singapore is always named as a popular destination for travel. It's relatively close to Japan for about seven hours one way, and it's actually recommended for traveling with bullets on weekends. This time, I've lived in Singapore and will introduce you to a plan where you can fully enjoy Singapore even for two days.

Table of Contents of this summary article

Day 1

【6:30】Arrival at Changi International Airport

【8:00】 "Kaya Toast" for breakfast

【9:00】Merlion and commemorative photo

[10:00] Explore "Arab Street"

【12:30】 Authentic Curry Lunch at The Banana Reef Apollo

【13:30】 Sightseeing in "Little India"

[15:00] "Chinatown" town walk

If you have time, this place is also recommended: shaved ice of "Ajikaen sugar products"

【17:30】 Dinner at Marina Bay Sands

【19:45】 Enjoy the "Gardens by the Bay" show

If you have time, this place is also recommended: "LeVeL33"

Day 2

【11:00】Go to Sentosa Island and meet the giant Merlion

Learn more

【12:00】Lunch in Sentosa Island

【13:30】Relax on the beach

If you have time, we recommend this place 1: "Sea Aquarium"

If you have time, this place is also recommended at 2: Tiramisu Hero

【18:00】 Enjoy the famous Chilean Club with Jumbo

If you want to enjoy Marina Bay Sands to the end, go to Palm Beach!

If you leave Japan at midnight for direct flights, you will arrive in Singapore early in the morning. Singapore's Changi International Airport is so beautiful and well-equipped that it takes first place in the world airport rankings. There is no doubt that you will be surprised on the shiny floor.

From the airport, take a taxi or metro to the city. Singapore is very small and has a lot of transportation, so it's very convenient to be able to get anywhere you can get there right away. You can enjoy it to your heart's content even during a short travel period.

Kaya Butter Toast Set

Since we arrived in the morning, you want to enjoy a local breakfast. We recommend a chain of famous Kaya toast called "Ya Kun KayaToat". It is also located in Terminal 3 of Changi International Airport. Kaya toast refers to a sliced toast sandwiched between sweet kaya jam and butter.

Local people will have kaya toast with hot spring eggs and sweet coffee called "Kopi". The crispy toast is filled with jam and butter. It's a pretty sweet seasoning, but you must be addicted to its sweetness.

After breakfast, head to Merlion Park in the morning when it's not very crowded and take a commemorative photo with Merlion. It is said to be one of the three major disappointing spots in the world, but it is more powerful than I thought I would see it nearby.

When it is called Merlion, it is a rule to take a picture in various poses. Especially, the pose which opens the mouth wide and catches water is a standard, isn't it? Why don't you adjust the angle well and try to get one of your favorites by all means?

Singapore cloud server

Next, take a train to Bugis Station and explore the area around Arab Street. The Sultan Mosque, which is a symbol, is a place where you can visit the inside except for prayer time. You can also borrow a gown for your visit.

There are also many shops in this area with colorful paint on the walls, making it a great place to take pictures. Other cute miscellaneous goods such as perfumes and lamps are also sold, so you can enjoy it quite a bit just by looking at it on top of choosing a souvenir.

Next time, let's move to "Little India" by train. It's lunchtime and I'm hungry, so I'd like to have a full-fledged curry unique to Little India for lunch. The Banana Reef Apollo restaurant is a famous restaurant that attracts many tourists.

The banana leaf plate is unique, isn't it? All the curry you can get here is authentic and exquisite. If you eat it with naan or rice, it will double the taste. Because there are a lot of kinds, it might be good to choose several kinds with friends and share it.

When you're hungry, go sightseeing around the area. The colorful streets are exotic just by walking. There are many general stores in "Little India Arcade" in the immediate vicinity of the station, so it is recommended to look for souvenirs.

Sri Villa Macarian Temple

If you visit Little India, you'll definitely want to see Sri Villa Macariaman Temple. It is a Hindu temple, and there are a lot of statues of God on the roof, and it is powerful, isn't it? Isn't it valuable because it is difficult to see in Japan?

Mustafa Center

Little India also has a large Indian discount center called Mustafa center. This shop is open 24 hours a day, so it's safe to visit at any time. Because it is a wide variety of daily necessities and food, it is perfect for buying scattered souvenirs.

Next, we will go sightseeing in Chinatown. This area is different from what I mentioned earlier, and it has become a lively city of Chinese descent. Singapore is a multi-ethnic country, so it's one of the fun things to have a completely different atmosphere from place to place.

If you are looking for souvenirs, we recommend Pagoda Street, which is lined with general stores. While walking around the city looking for souvenirs, I would like to see the Hindu temple "Sri Mariamman Temple" which is a tourist attraction. Please pay attention to the colorful and very gorgeous top and pillars!

Mango & Strawberry Shaved Ice

If you have time, it is also recommended to take a break with shaved ice of "Ajikaen Sugar (Meihyun Yuen Dessert)". It's in Chinatown. The shaved ice you can get here is fluffy, and the texture that melts quickly in your mouth is unbearable. There are many kinds, and I wonder which one to choose.

Because the size is quite large and there is a volume, it is recommended to share several kinds and eat. Singapore's temperatures are high throughout the year, so it's sure to heal your mind and body with insta-like cool sweets.

Dinner is served in Marina Bay Sands, one of Singapore's most famous spots. There is a food court called "Lhasapura" in the shopping mall, where you can eat a wide variety of Singaporean specialties. It is very crowded at dinner time, so I recommend that you go from a little early time.


One of the many recommendations is yakisoba called "Hokenmy". Stir-fried noodles with ingredients such as shrimp and bean sprouts taste like salt-grilled soba. I think that it goes well with the mouth of the Japanese because it is simple and there is not much habit either.


We also recommend "Laksa", a soup noodle dish with coconut milk added to the spices. It is spicy and spicy, but later you can feel the mellow taste of coconut milk, and it becomes a habit. Please try the local gourmet by all means!

When the sun is completely dark, we walk to Gardens by the Bay. It is beautiful enough to see it lit up, but I would like you to see the show that is held every day at 19:45 and 20:45. There are a lot of people at the start of the show, so get there as soon as possible to get a place to go.

The tree lit up to the sound for about 10 minutes is very beautiful and impressive. The level up to here is amazing for free. Songs familiar to everyone are also used, so please pay attention to the music and enjoy the fantastic light show.

If you have time, it is also recommended to go to a restaurant bar called "LeVeL33". As the name suggests, this shop on the 33rd floor of the building offers a very beautiful night view, including Marina Bay Sands. You can have a romantic and wonderful evening.

In addition, craft beer is a specialty of this shop, and you can enjoy various kinds of beer. We also sell sets of drinks and comparisons, so you can enjoy various kinds at once. The beer with the best scenery is truly exceptional.

On the second day, take a tour of Sentosa Island, where many leisure facilities gather. The first thing I want to visit is the Sentosa Merlion. This statue is much larger than the Merlion statue you know well, and you can go inside.

From the mouth and head of the Merlion, you can enjoy a 360-degree panorama. You can enjoy a different view of the city center. Among them, you can also learn about the history of Merlion, so if you are interested, please come and visit us.

For lunch, we recommend "Malaysian Food Street" on Sentosa Island. There are a variety of food stalls in this building, and you can eat a wide variety of Malaysian dishes. The atmosphere of the shop is also nice because there is a local feeling.

Clay Pot Chicken Rice

I would like to recommend this dish called "Clay Pot Chicken Rice". This dish, cooked in an earthenware pot, goes well with rice with taste and soft chicken. It is a dish that I want you to taste once that a brown Okoye is unbearable.

If you have time, we also recommend Sea Aquarium, an aquarium located on Sentosa Island. More than 800 kinds of creatures are on display at this aquarium, so it's worth seeing. It is a high point to be able to see various living things up close. The spacious construction is impressive.

Colorful fish are fascinated by them. I'm really excited about the things I've never seen before. There is also a corner where you can actually touch it by hand, so you can enjoy it a lot. Why don't you try to be healed by fish that swim gracefully?

If you're going to play at Sentosa, it's a good idea to stop here. The Tiramisu Hero Head Office, just outside Sentosa Island, also has a café business! The rich tiramisu hero's rich tiramisu, which is gaining popularity as Singapore's sweets, is an exquisite gourmet that you want to try at least once.

The heart dances in the shop which is stylish with pop. Because it is not too sweet, it is recommended for those who are not good at sweets. The cream and sponge are stacked alternately and moist and fluffy. The tension goes up to the bottle of a pretty appearance, too. There seem to be original goods, too, so please check it out.

At the end of your trip, close with the Famous Chile Club in Singapore. The recommendation is "JUMBO" which is one of the popular shops. Especially, the Riverside Point store is located along the river, and the atmosphere is good. Because it is a popular restaurant, I recommend that you make a reservation.

Chile Club

The chili club has a big impact on its appearance, and its plump body and spicy sauce go well together, and it's exquisite. And, I would like you to order it together by all means fried bread. Slightly sweet taste becomes a habit. Please serve it with the sauce of the chili crab.

"I came all the way to Singapore, so I want to see marina bay sands until the end and go home!" "Palm Beach" is recommended for you. It's a great location with excellent location and marina bay sands in front of you and even the famous Chile Club.

How about Singapore on a weekend bullet trip?

How was it? This time, we introduced a recommended plan to fully enjoy Singapore in two days. In fact, I can go to Singapore even on weekends. Why don't you go on a trip to refresh your next day off?

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