A professional tutor affirms, "Elementary school students should not be allowed to study in the children's room."

A professional tutor affirms, "Elementary school students should not be allowed to study in the children's room."

Where should I let my children study? Noriyasu Nishimura, president of the prestigious leadership group of professional tutors, said, "It is good to study in the living room for elementary school students and younger. However, there are some tips."

I can't study alone yet among elementary school students.

She's been studying hard today.

My child, who usually gives in to the temptation of the television and the cake, and often shows the face in the living room, stays in my room today, and studies for a long time.

"When you're in sixth grade, you'll really develop awareness as an examinee!" 」

I'm never so happy as a parent. But I don't know if I'm really studying. Sometimes I pretend to be studying and secretly read the manga or play games in hiding from my parents. Especially the closer the exam approaches, the more you feel like you're going to have fun to balance your mind.

It is better to think that elementary school children cannot study in a closed room. Because children admit that they are doing their best and want them to praise them. Even though he is an elementary school student, when he is in the upper grades, he comes to take a rebellious attitude, such as making a fight with his parents. However, children who are only 11 years old and 12 years old are not old enough to study alone.

Prepare "20-30 compliments"

Children study with their own rules while worrying about the public eye. So the eyes of parents are essential. There is a parent who sticks to the child, and checks from beginning to end when such a thing is put on the side of the child. However, if you look at it from the point of view of checking, you will see where you can't do it. Then, it is parents that want to say this and that.

The term "see" here is to praise, not to check. I want you to find the best points of the child and tell the child that you noticed that "you're doing your best", "You can write the formula properly today", and "The speed of calculation has improved considerably". I don't have much praise, but...... There might be parents who want to say, too. Certainly, if you look at it every day, there are times when there are no praise points like this. However, compared to children who do not take the junior high school entrance exam, studying at the desk at this time can be said to be "working hard".

If you don't have a compliment, it's a good idea to prepare a repertoire of compliments of about 20 to 30. The important thing is to convey the message: "I know you're doing your best every day."

You don't have to "watch" all the time.

It is ideal for elementary school children to study where their parents' eyes are. Then, it will inevitably study in the living room or the dining room. Some parents may want to say that they are not so free, but don't worry about it. The reason is that the glance is important, and it is not necessary to look at it all the time. You can cook dinner while your child is studying, or you can work.


Children can't concentrate if they are too quiet. The footsteps of the family, the sound of the kitchen knife where the mother cuts vegetables, the sound of entering the PC lightly... This "stability of the mind" is indispensable for elementary school children.

However, depending on the family structure, the living room may become a place for brothers Genka, and television is attached at night as a place for family reunions. I can't seem to concentrate very much.

For example, what should I do if I have a small brother and my brother gives me a little trouble? While the older child is studying, it is necessary to devise a way for parents to deal with the younger child or to create a study corner dedicated to the upper child in one corner of the living room so as not to disturb them. If you are a brother who is close to your age, you will be able to concentrate on each other if you decide that "this time is time to sit at your desk" and make it time to do homework or read.

Television becomes a tool to "know the world"

When you want to concentrate, such as solving a problem collection, you should stop background music other than life sounds. Even if my brother asks me to study next to watching TV, I won't be able to concentrate.

However, television is not necessarily "evil" for the examination. In recent years, there are many current events in the social entrance examination of junior high school entrance examinations, so it is better to watch the daily news. In addition, the story of the Japanese language entrance examination is often subject to poverty issues and complex family stories. Natural disasters are common in science. It is a problem that it is made to study only because it is an examinee, and it does not know anything about the world. I want to use television as a tool to know various things in the world.

In that case, I would like to encourage parents and children to see it together. For example, while watching the news, it is a good idea to exchange opinions with parents and children on one or two themes. Children feel like they understand it by watching the news, but in fact, sometimes they don't understand much. In addition, by exchanging opinions with parents and children, you will know that there are various ways of thinking, and it will also be a practice to communicate your own thoughts. "Thinking, judgment, and expression skills" that are emphasized in new education are nurtured at home.

LED lighting changes the light of time while studying and learning.

Living learning is suitable for children's "mental stability", but it is not always suitable as a learning environment. The dining table was originally a desk for eating, not a study desk. Therefore, the height of the desk and the chair does not match, and the posture may deteriorate. If the height does not match, lay something under the chair, and if your feet are hanging around, prepare a foothold.

In addition, the lighting of the living room is often lighted with calm brightness so that adults can relax. Then it will be too dark to study and to become sleepy. The lighting suitable for the study is the daylight color. It's also more natural to illuminate the whole room than a stand that illuminates only part of it. That's why I want to recommend LED lighting. If it is LED lighting, you can adjust the brightness such as daylight color while studying at the touch of a button, daytime white at the time of the meal, and light bulb color for family group time. It is important to be a space where the whole family is not stressed.

Sometimes it's important to open the window and feel the wind

On hot summer days, you tend to turn on the air conditioner all day long, but sometimes you want to open the window and let the wind through. It is also important to feel the wind of nature. When human beings stay in a space where there is no change, the physical sense is hard to grow. If you don't have a skin sensation such as hot or cold, your physical sensations will become dull and you won't be interested in many things. It is necessary to be curious about elementary school children to learn. I want you to know that the living room that is too comfortable will dull the senses.

I think that the living room is full of the child's teaching materials in the junior high school examination family to think that it visits a lot of homes as a tutor. Depending on the cream school, booklets are distributed every week, so more and more teaching materials accumulate. Parents are worried and want to keep it until the exam is over, but they don't have to keep everything. I think that it is good to keep it together in cardboard for one year and to throw it away if there is no look back at it.

There are a lot of parents who try to make it study in my room because it is already a junior high school student when the examination is finished, but it is good to continue if the person in question wants to study in the living room even if it becomes a junior high school student.

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