The author of "A Cat That Lived A Million Times" has put it in my heart


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Read the masterpiece essay "I Want My Cats to Forgive Me"

I read Yoko Sano's essay collection "I Want My Cats to Forgive Me" (Chikuma Bunko) for the first time in a long time. The illustration of the cover is cats hugging each other. It was first published in 1982, the first essay collection issued two years after Sano's first marriage broke down and divorced. Speaking of Yoko Sano, most of you know it in the picture book "A Cat That Lived A Million Times". The rhythm of repeated words adapted to the medium of picture books, the story that opens up and unfolds, and the last scene where adults are pierced with their breasts, coupled with the individuality of the cat's illustrations, leaving a big impression.

At first glance, Mr. Sano in this book may be different from a picture book. Sano-san's blunt and honest words, which he has looked at himself well, seem to be full of sadness. I think that the first essay collection is the one that everyone takes out the one which has been put in the chest for a long time. On the way to the walk, I said in the woods, "Oh, mom, I'm happy!" The old memory that mother shouted. Mr. Sano, who has lived by looking at his mother's complexion from day to day, receives lines that he would normally have heard from the front.

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Children\'s dress

Needless to say, politics is close to our lives. On the other hand, there must be a lot of people who are swayed by the political situation at each election, and in the end, they recognize themselves as "nonpartisan" and feel distance from politics. In this e-mail magazine, based on Miura's knowledge as an international political scientist, we will provide you with information to understand the chaotic political situation and the situation surrounding Japanese society. In addition, we will take up the political news that has become a hot topic, and tell only the background behind it to e-mail magazine readers.

And, it feels the usual unsatisfaction of the mother who is contrary to the word, and it worries to the whimsical adult whom I entrust all fate. There is sadness only of the child who sees through the person, and there is a scene where Mr. Sano who cried because the child was able to be done and did not want to be deprived of freedom stares at me who became the peculiar thing of motherhood after giving birth to the baby. He single-mindedly observes the surroundings and admires people and draws their hearts to beautiful things. He is very honest and cruel to himself for the loneliness and unpleasantness in himself. Even so, I don't think he is a stubborn person.

The foolish honesty which stares at the darkness behind the impression

Some people can express their words and actions without thinking, while others, like Sano-san, can't forget their mistakes by biting their lips. It's hard to yearn for something because you're greedy. This book feels like I'm running through my life to the fullest, looking back and writing what's left with my hands.

If the fans of "A Million Years Lived Cat" rush to the page, there may be some disappointment at first. Mr. Sano says that he didn't like cats at first. Did you feel creepy about a cat with a face that seemed to know everything? Or, it might have been afraid of the cruel self who threw the elder brother and the cat of one eye to the roof when it was small, and experimented whether it was possible to land round and round. However, it might have been able to write that masterpiece only because it was not possible to indulge completely in narcissism, and it noticed the blackness of my heart.

Behind the excitement, you need not only beautiful things, but also darkness and foolish honesty to stare at it. Why don't you pick up your child's picture book with such an essay during the life of self-restraint?


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