Cuteness not found in Japan! 10 photogenic and stylish cafes in Seoul, Korea

Cuteness not found in Japan! 10 photogenic and stylish cafes in Seoul, Korea

Japan's neighbor Korea. There are a lot of cute cafes in Korea that are not found in Japan. This time I will introduce a cute and stylish café in Seoul, Korea.


The first Korean stylish café to introduce is "Banana Tree 바나나 트리". Photos that look like flowerpots have become a hot topic on social media such as Instagram, and it is a popular café among many tourists.

The true nature of the flowerpot is Tiramisu. There are various flavors such as bananas and strawberries. The crispy cookie part and the creamy part inside go well together and are delicious. In addition to the flowerpot Tiramisu, there are many cute sweets menus such as cotton candy lattes and afoguards like fried eggs.


The next stylish Korean café is "DORE DORE". Rainbow cake is a famous sweet café. It is becoming more and more popular every year, and it is now a popular café located at Incheon International Airport. Even if you can't go on a trip, it's convenient to go before you leave.

Rainbow cake is quite large in addition to 9,500 won per piece, so it is recommended to share it with people with drinks and other cakes. It looks very sweet, but it is an unsweemented cheesecake with colorful sponges and cream cheese layers.

【3】 Remicone

The third stylish Korean café is "DOREDORE". The shop in DOOTA MALL in Dongdaemun has a car-like appearance and is very photogenic. Thunder-like sweets with cotton candy on top of soft serve ice cream are popular.

It is usually gray cotton candy, but there is also a colorful cotton candy menu for a limited time according to the season, such as Halloween and Christmas. It is a sweet that you can enjoy various textures of fluffy and crackling.

【4】 Bistopping

The korean stylish café introduced in the fourth shop is "Bistopping". "Bistopping" which is a combination of biscuits and toppings has recently become a hot topic even if actress Yosuke Nakazato visited in private.

You can make your own soft serve ice cream with milk and yogurt, as well as chocolate toppings on a lot of colorful cute cones, all of which you like. You can also add more toppings.

【5】 Contoyner

"CONTOYANER" is the korean stylish café introduced to the fifth shop. Located on the roof of a cute toy shop, this café is filled with photogenic accessories such as floating rings and miscellaneous goods.

Anyway, it is pink, and the spot of this place which is indispensable for Imadoki girls is very popular among Japanese! The café menu is also stylish and looks good, so I'm going to take a picture for a long time.

【6】 All that SWEETS

"All that SWEETS" is the korean fashionable café introduced to the 6th shop. It is a popular café where you can taste sweets such as cute character lattes and cakes that you have never seen before.

Characters and animal characters that imagine the weather such as fine weather, rain, clouds, etc. are drawn cute respectively. There is also a limited menu tailored to the season, so please pay attention to it as well. Even if you take it out, you can take it home as it is cuteness.


"DINGA CAKE HOUSE" is the korean fashionable café introduced in the 7th shop. It is a fairy tale and cute shop as if it had jumped out of the world of the picture book in the café in Hongdae.

Colorful cute cakes are lined up in the shop. The cute cake tastes unimaginable from the appearance, and all of them are delicious. Cakes and shops are all cute here, so we recommend not only café use but also made-to-order such as birthday cakes.


"STANDARD LOVE DANCE" is the korean stylish café introduced to the 8th shop. This café in Hongdae is a café that just opened in April 2016. It is a photogenic space full of pink, and it has become very popular among girls.

We recommend cream soda and smore. It is recommended at night because it is good to stop by a little rest like a snack, and there are a lot of kinds of sake such as beer and cocktails.

【9】 Creamfields

"Creamfields" is the stylish Korean café introduced to the 9th shop. It is located a short walk from Hongdae Station, but cute drinks and sweets are popular cafes on SNS.

Popular sweets will be sold out, so if you are looking for them, please do so as soon as possible. We recommend a latte with colorful meringues and an oreos smoothie. There is no doubt that the thorny appearance will shine in the photograph.

【10】 Frank's

Finally, the korean stylish café is "FRANK's". This café is located in Nataiin, and is also known as a café where you can taste rainbow sweets such as roll cake and chis cake.

My personal recommendation is not rainbow sweets, but Mendel cake. Mendel cake in the movie "Grand Budapest Hotel" exists in this café. It is cute that I want to bring back the package involuntarily.

A stylish café tour in Korea... ♪

How was it? There are many cute and stylish cafes in Korea. Please try to visit the café by all means while sightseeing. You can discover the cuteness that is not found in Japan!


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