I have a warm mom! 10 Tips for "Kitchen Parenting" from 1 Year Old


As I cook, my 3 year old and 1 year old sons come to the alternate kitchen.

If you say "later", you can take out tomatoes from the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator and make them messy with juice. I tried to light the gas. The one-year-old second son took out an empty can of beer and tried to drink it...

Wow! !! !!

When you work at home and prepare a meal for your family, the interaction takes place at least three times a day. Frustrated. I am going to cry. I'm sorry.

So I decided to help out with some of the dishes. That's what we call "kitchen childcare". I thought that "kitchen parenting" was done by a mom who had time to spare. Bake a cake together. Making pizza.

But it's not an extraordinary thing, everyday food is a fresh play for children. I realized that having a little help with my usual cooking can make me have more time, rather than saying "please wait."

I would like to introduce 10 tips for kitchen childcare that I am glad to try and helped my child participate happily during this time at home. All are simple things you can do from today. Now let's say

●Because you can be 1 year old!

It is a method to get rid of leaves that you can throw away, such as radish and turnips with leaves, cabbage with thick leaves. You can throw it away anyway, no matter how dirty it is. Daikon and cabbage have large leaves, so cleaning is easy. You can make about 10 minutes with just this big radish (laughs)

If you want to make a fascinating cucumber, it's efficient to get the cucumber hit! I love children. At home, my brothers are competing and striking. If you put it in a bag with a strong zipper such as zip lock, it will not leak even if the cucumber is shattered inside. While the cucumbers are being hit, daddy moms can make fascinating sauces.

Children love to knead flour. You can make meat buns and bread, but you can also easily make flour clay.

[Flour Clay Recipe]

・1 cup flour

・Appropriate amount of water

・Slightly salad oil and salt

Once you give it to me, I will be playing with it. Since it is flour, it is okay for a one-year-old son to eat it by mistake.

●Challenge little by little from around 2

It's also fun to make meat buns, bread, and other items that need to be molded together. Children are overjoyed when they take strange shapes when they are baked or steamed!

Children love the process of mixing, like making a castella for "Guri to Gura". Not only pancakes but also eggs were mixed when making fried eggs. Sticky foods such as natto are also interesting. Give your one-year-old son who's worried about spilling an empty bowl and whisk and let them mix.

For adults, they will be happy to do the simple “insert” operation. In the gyoza recipe, there was a process of adding seasonings, so whenever I asked my 3-year-old son, "Is it okay?", he was happy to help me (laughs).

When making potato crispy crispy, I asked my 3-year-old son to try washing the potatoes, and he did it well in the washbasin. If the dishes are made of plastic, you can enjoy washing them without worrying about cracking. (The water really flies...)

●Is it possible to do difficult things from the age of 3?

For the first time, I gave my son a peeler and tried peeling potatoes. I couldn't do it perfectly yet, but I was able to do some things.

Challenge to slice potatoes! He taught me how to use the slicer a little, and he was very good at it. Along the way, I taught how to change the angle of potatoes, and I was doing it while studying the direction that would make it easier to slice. However, since I rubbed my thumb joint, I thought it would be better for an adult to see it when using it.

This is the last. When I didn't go to the nursery school, I had a lot of time in the morning, so when I asked him to try the egg, I was surprised at how well it worked. Almost the yolks are still crushed, but once in 5 times, it was a great success without crushing the yolks. Peeling boiled eggs seems to be fun, and whenever I cook an egg, I come to the kitchen saying "I want to make an egg!"

● Busy moms should feel free to do it

I thought that "kitchen childcare" was difficult and time consuming, such as making cute cookies. And it's faster and easier for me to do it myself than to have my child help me...

However, when I asked a child to play a role, the face when I was able to do it looks very happy! Once praised, I want to do it one after another. Since I often concentrate on what I asked for, I thought that more busy moms would be saved.

In order to create a child's brain, which is 90% complete by the age of six, it is very important to have an experience in the kitchen that uses all five senses.

Best of all, I want my sons to be adults who can do housework and cook themselves. For that purpose, I was able to do it myself little by little! I would like you to continue to gain experience. It would be even more satisfying if a feeling of self-affirmation and self-efficacy were born here.

I will try and introduce "Kitchen childcare tips" that even busy busy moms can do. See you soon!


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