Parental Control: Trust Issues or Safety Measures?


Increasing the use of the internet among all ages has affected. The virtual world attracts kids a lot from the real world. Kids use it to communicate with friends, access the internet, upload images, and a lot more. The online classes in pandemic have become another reason that has inclined their interest in the digital world. Like a coin has two sides, it has also pros and cons. In this article, we will discuss 4 Reasons to Monitor the Communication Activities of Your Kids.

Reasons Why Every Parent Should Monitor the Communication Activities of Your Kids?

The increase in hackings and bullies online might put your child in grave risk. Besides educating your kids about the dangers, this online world can do them, you need to be aware of what your child is watching on the internet. It will not only prevent your kid from getting harassed but will also alert you about unauthorized access by predators to gain access to sensitive information, identity theft, sexual exploitation, and much more.

How you Can Keep Control of their Internet Access?

Monitor the Online and Offline Behavior of Kids

Monitoring what your child is doing on your phone as it is quite dangerous to see how kids behave offline than online. Your child can use the internet by using unrecognizable and self-created names. The increase in inline engagement makes kids more prone to get engage in violent and abusive acts. This thing exposes the kids to cybercriminal and sex offenders. That is why monitoring your child’s offline and online activity is a must to protect them from any mishaps.

Educate your Child About Online Threats

The kid’s comfort level in using the phone in and making friends online through various modes like social media, games, etc makes them an easy target of predators. Kids may share their location, school name, their class, etc giving predators a chance to track your child offline which is not good for your n your child’s safety.

Therefore it is a must to educate your child about the negative side of the internet. Using parental control apps can help you in detecting if your child is lying to you or is in contact with any wrong person on the internet.

Don’t Let Kids Spoil their Reputation

Kids knowingly or unknowingly can upload images that can affect his reputation now and in the future. Explain to them how these posted images can become obstacles in securing a good job and or getting admission to college. By monitoring your kid’s online activities you can prevent them from any online mishaps.

Internet Luring kids

Internet usage on one hand is a boon in this pandemic as kids do not have to go out to study. They are taught being at home but on the other hand, has become a home to countless predators who are looking to trap the naïve and innocent kids. These kids unknowingly may share their location and disclose sensitive information that makes it easy for predators to track the kid offline. There might be the case that your kid is exposed to cyberbullying. The harassment might affect the kids’ health mentally, socially, and psychologically. Your kid might be among the ones who feel hesitant to share such things with you.

Keeping in mind the above 4 Reasons to Monitor the Communication Activities of Your Kids are enough to explain why you should keep track of your child’s online activity. Therefore this is a must to track what your kids are doing on the internet and the use of parenting app is must observe your child’s behavior online. It will alert you about any suspicious activity taking place.

You can also limit the screen hour that will give your kid more time to think about doing something creative or participate in some healthy activities. The monitoring of mobile phones using the parental app will not only protect your kid from online breaches but will also control trust issues as having trust in child-parent relations is a base of their healthy relationships.


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