How to buy auto insurance? I highly recommend these, buy will save your heart and mind.

How to buy auto insurance? I highly recommend these, buy will save your heart and mind.

Nowadays, more and more friends buy cars, some new friends in front of a variety of auto insurance, look a little overwhelmed, although a wide variety of auto insurance, but not all to buy, today I will talk to you about which auto insurance is worth our purchase.

First of all, the traffic insurance. The first year of a new car is about 950 yuan, and the 索償 price is unified nationwide. Although compulsory insurance coverage is mandatory, if your car has been accident-free for three consecutive years, you can buy up to 30% more compulsory insurance.

Secondly, the third party liability insurance in commercial insurance. Third party liability insurance I strongly recommend that you must buy, third party liability insurance is for non-car occupants of the third party, due to the increasing number of people and more and more vehicles on the road, in the process of driving, it is very easy to traffic accidents, if the accident is heavy, you may need to pay high compensation, in the case of third party liability, the pressure will be much less. In this case, I suggest that the insurance premium should be increased by two million, because the cost of one million coverage is around six hundred, and the coverage is only eight million, it is better to spend 200 more to buy a peace of mind.

Third, driving insurance. Driving insurance is a kind of car occupant's insurance, and I strongly recommend that you buy it. Driving insurance regulations change every year, so be sure to read the policy carefully when you buy it and never leave it up to the insurance company. Most of the time, the total value has to be divided by the number of seats, for example, if the coverage is one million and five seats are five, there is little if any holiday in those 200,000 digits, excluding the cost of disability and medical aspects. Therefore, when purchasing auto ride insurance, be sure to read the insurance terms and conditions carefully, especially the medical insurance premium, the recommendation must be no less than 20,000.

Fourth, the vehicle damage insurance. Since last year's auto insurance reform, car damage insurance has also changed a lot. After the reform, car damage covers theft insurance, glass insurance, spontaneous combustion insurance, as well as the inability to find third-party liability insurance and designated repair shops, etc. Many miscellaneous insurance items are included in the car damage insurance.

Because many friends of car damage insurance this issue is more tangled, so I also give you an analysis, if your car is everywhere on the street, the car repair and maintenance costs are also very cheap, their own driving is also a careful, then car damage insurance is also possible. However, the car itself is more expensive or still under warranty, plus your driving environment is not good, it is advisable to buy auto damage insurance, after all, their own money to repair the car more or less a little reluctant.

The above four types of insurance are my recommended purchase, of course, car damage insurance can be based on my recommended several types of insurance, choose whether to buy, but third-party liability insurance and driver's insurance money must not save, in the end, save hundreds of dollars, if there is an accident, all the risks are to be borne by themselves, which is not hundreds of dollars can be set right.

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