Why the more roaring, the worse the grades of some children?


Why do parents yell?

First, children are the future of the motherland, but also the future of the family. Everyone in the family has high hopes for him and loves him. Seeing the children's achievements, they felt that the hope sent to the children would have failed, so they became anxious and raised their voices involuntarily, reprimanding the children. After a diarrhea, they can ease their hatred a little bit.

The most common thing is when the parents feel that they have explained clearly during the homework assignments, but the children have not been able to learn. So I think raising the voice can attract the child's attention, and think that the child will be clearer faster. Don’t you know that children’s cognitive abilities are very different from those of their parents: parents think that they can understand without any effort, but their children are difficult to understand because of their lack of knowledge and lack of knowledge in life. Some parents are even notorious because they are drowsy. I don't know it very well, I want the child to understand. Pandong's family is better than Xi's, saying that other people's children are good at it. Why wouldn't you be like this? Let the children be confused.

Some parents work hard because of their low educational level, hoping that their children will change their destiny through hard work. When the child didn't work hard, he yelled and even threatened to beat him hard next time, or not to wait. However, the idea of ​​making children work hard to improve their academic performance through shouting is only wishful thinking of the parents. When the child who was studying was yelled, his mind became more blocked because of nervousness. Therefore, the higher the parent's voice, the more confused and even scared the child will be.

Some children may have a little restraint on playing with the first yelling or two. But continuing to roar can only continuously improve the child's tolerance to roaring, until the roaring has no effect on him. The roar of adults has caused serious damage to the young minds of children, and children are becoming less and less interested in learning. (Because of learning and constantly yelling. I respect my parents and hide from my parents everywhere. I even become a double-faced person and obey the back face to face. After the child yells, he will be afraid and uneasy. I have no thought of learning. Of course my grades are getting worse and worse ive civil engineering.

Fear hurts.

Parents yelling will make their children live in fear. Fear is the most harmful emotion among all emotions. Scientists have done experiments with mice to prove that the death rate of mice living in fear is the highest, and the rate of death is the fastest, surpassing hunger, sadness and other factors. This is because people will cause adrenaline secretion disorders in fear, and a series of autonomic symptoms such as gastrointestinal peristalsis and vasoconstriction. Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that the kidney governs fear, and long-term fear can lead to kidney deficiency, which can lead to various diseases. Can children learn well in such a vicious circle?

Fear and sadness.

From a psychological point of view, when people are in fear, their subjective initiative is almost zero. It is also determined by physiological factors, so there is a saying in the folks about beating, obsessing, and cursing. Learning is a kind of mental work, and knowledge cannot be forced into the brain without exerting subjective initiative. This is completely different from the physical work that can be forced. Second, yelling hurts the child's self-esteem and hurts the child's feelings towards their parents. Without basic education, children will only stay away, unable to enter the brain or heart. Third, the fear brought by rants also includes the fear of learning and the idea of ​​being a parent. Will you work hard to learn a skill that scares you?

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