Overactivity is also an important manifestation of common diseases in children


Many parents have heard of children with autism. Relatively speaking, ADHD does not have so many Overactive(過度活躍) parents' attention because it is a relatively hidden behavior. Many parents may not find that their children have this condition. , I just thought the child was naughty. It can be said that it is more difficult to detect than autism, and it is easy for parents to miss the best time to take their children for treatment. As a parent, you must pay attention to your child at all times. Once you find that he has some behavioral abnormalities, he and other children should deal with it immediately.

Why are there overactive situations?

Basically, children's overactivity is mainly manifested in daily life and study life. This requires parents and teachers to unite and communicate in time to prevent it. In daily life, children may behave as talking too much, unable to sit still and play often, running around, and even if they are persuaded by their parents, they cannot stop his behavior. However, most parents classify this behavior as mischievous and disobedient. In the study and life, it is manifested as inattentiveness in class, often going on business trips or talking with classmates next to him, and not attending class. Poor academic performance not only affects myself, but also affects other students.

Overactivity can be cured

Some parents are a little worried, is it their own children? If they are overactive, it is equivalent to ADHD. Is there no way to cure them? In fact, you might as well go to some professional institutions for an assessment. . Let professionals give some professional advice. After all, they are all very experienced doctors and have seen so many examples of this. According to the characteristics of each child, make different plans for overactive children, provide a comfortable environment, encourage children to create, and provide them with more flexibility.

In short, we must pay more attention to overactive children and formulate solutions to solve the problem as early as possible. After all, clinical medical treatment shows that natural alternative therapies are very effective, and many children are slowly recovering after long-term correction.

Related Hot Topic

What triggers hyperactivity?

ADHD is the most typical cause of hyperactivity. The usual causes of ADHD are genetic factors, aberrant brain development, or birth-related, neonatal, or postnatal brain damage. 2 There are numerous instances of ADHD for which there is no known reason.

Can someone with ADHD live a long life?

ADHD has been discovered by researchers as a significant risk factor for adult premature death. According to a study in The Lancet, people with ADHD have a shorter life expectancy and are more than twice as likely to pass away before their due date.

Is autism and hyperactivity the same thing?

How Differ Both Autism And ADHD? Hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention are typical symptoms of ADHD, a neurodevelopmental disease. Another neurodevelopmental disorder is autism, however this one is distinguished by difficulties with social abilities like speech, social interaction, and repetitive behavior.

How is ADHD identified?

The signs of ADHD are typically identified at a young age and may worsen as a child's environment changes, such as when they start school. The majority of instances are discovered in kids under the age of 12, but occasionally it's discovered later in childhood.

When do kids start to calm down?

And while some children may totally recover from their disease by the time they are 21 or 27, in 50 to 86 percent of instances diagnosed in childhood, the full disorder or at least major symptoms and disability still exist.


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