Ear warmers take your temperature for you, have you noticed?


When families are not feeling well, they usually start by looking for a fever. or abnormal body temperature. In the past, traditional thermometers were mostly used to measure body temperature, which not only took several minutes,braun digital ear thermometer, but also noticed that it was accidentally broken. Now many families with problems have ear thermometers in their lives, which is quick and convenient to measure.

Also, in order to measure the temperature in your ears, here are some small reminders to be aware of:

1. A special ear temperature cover should be covered to avoid the influence of measuring dirt, and the amount of the cover should be confirmed after tightening.

2. Ear thermometers are mostly used once, and should not be reused to avoid cross-infection.

Third, third, check the ear first, if there is too much earwax, remove it first, otherwise the measurement is prone to errors.

4. When measuring, the ears should be lifted up and back slightly to facilitate the penetration of the spear tip.

5. Skills: Flick the ear with the tip of the gun, open the ear, move inward, press the "measurement key" button with the index finger for about 1 second, and wait for the sound of "". Will it light up at the same time? Turn on the monitor key? Take the gun out. Do not press the measurement key with your thumb, as it may be too hard, causing other pain, and the measurement will be too high.

6. After using the ear thermometer for a period of time, it should be calibrated according to the calibration cycle or the number of uses recommended by the original factory, and it is better to send it back to the original factory for calibration.

Finally, the temperature measured by the ear thermometer is for reference only and cannot be used as the sole basis for medical treatment. Anyone who is not physically fit should immediately go to the hospital for diagnosis.

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Is a child's ear fever measuring 37.7?

Rectal, ear, or temporal artery temperatures of 100.4 F (38 C) or greater indicate that your child has a fever. possesses an oral temperature of at least 100 F (37.8 C). reaches or exceeds 99 F (37.2 C) in the armpit.

How is a digital ear thermometer calibrated?

Make sure that all metal components of the cavity radiator are placed as near to one another as possible. More

Can an ear thermometer be calibrated?

Make sure that all metal components of the cavity radiator are placed as near to one another as possible. More


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