Question: Is the development of credit card fast payment really safe?

global gateway credit card processing

In recent years, with the increase in the number of online global gateway credit card processing shopping consumers, there are more and more payment methods for online shopping, especially the fast and convenient credit card payment is favored by everyone. At the same time, fast payment has no usage threshold, which is more convenient for every online shopping user. But with so many advantages of fast payment by credit card, the main question is is it really safe? Are there some security risks?

Fast payment means that users do not need to open online banking when purchasing goods, but only need to provide bank card number, account name, mobile phone number and other information, and the bank will verify the correctness of the mobile phone number. The third-party payment can send the mobile dynamic password to the user's mobile phone number, and the user can input the correct mobile dynamic password to complete the payment.

Enable credit card express payment

1. Log in to the website using Alipay, and after entering your personal Alipay company account, click "My Alipay"; select the "Bar Account Link" option in a menu; click the "Open Convenient Shortcut Payment" button.

2. Select the issuer of your credit card on the next page, select "Credit Card" in the bank card type field, and then click "Next".

3. Fill in the credit card details and click "Agree to the Agreement and Activate".

Fast credit card payment program

Step 1: Select the item to be purchased, and then you can choose which teaching method to use to pay - credit card, and then we choose a fast payment bank credit card.

Step 2: Check the credit card payment information and enter the Alipay password.

Step 3: After entering the Alipay password, click "Confirm Payment", and the payment success dialog box will pop up. Card friends can click "See what you bought" to verify.

Fast credit card payments are a security risk

Once the user's account is bound to Quick Pay, the account verification and payment process enters the Alipay backend system, and the bank cannot fully inquire and master it. Once the criminal suspect grasps the user's ID number, bank card number, and mobile phone number, the security of the user's funds online cannot be guaranteed.

Reminder: Although it is convenient to bind a credit card to a fast payment company, due to the existence of certain risks, it may even lead to the situation of information being stolen. Therefore, card friends should attract the attention of students. If they do not use it frequently, they can directly cancel the quick payment. In addition, you need to pay more attention to online shopping, and it is best to install anti-virus and anti-fraud software on your computer.




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