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China unionpay credit card

During the 4th World Expo, China UnionPay China unionpay credit card will continue to provide high-quality payment services for exhibitors and buyers inside and outside the venue. UnionPay cards, UnionPay app and UnionPay Mobile QuickPass will be the payment options for exhibitors and consumers.

With the acceptance network covering 200 countries and regions around the world, UnionPay continues to improve the payment experience of domestic and foreign users. Currently, about 22 million online merchants support UnionPay online payment services, including international e-commerce companies such as Amazon. According to reports, UnionPay International has also launched UnionPay payment and other products to support overseas small and micro merchants and traditional merchants to provide consumers with online services at "zero cost" without opening online stores. UnionPay International also designs and provides safe, convenient, transparent and efficient cross-border B2B comprehensive solutions for domestic and foreign cross-border e-commerce, traditional import and export enterprises, multinational companies and other customers. The services have covered nearly 20 countries and regions.

Since the launch of the UnionPay CIIE theme card last year, it has been favored by corporate exhibitors. Special student rights such as foreign currency settlement spreads, cross-border cash rebates, business district development discounts, and travel safety insurance can bring a lot to exhibitors. convenient. Currently, 70 countries and ethnic regions have issued UnionPay cards. Card products such as cross-border cashback cards, “Belt and Road” themed cards, and Greater Bay Area Youth Cards can meet the payment market needs of different customer groups and provide differentiated services. Cross-border electronic payment system services and benefits. More than 10 million overseas merchants accept UnionPay QR codes, and more than 100 UnionPay standard wallets have been launched overseas. UnionPay technical curriculum standards are also participating in the construction of Laos, Thailand and other countries and bank card transfer networks, in the process of promoting our traditional Chinese payment information industry management standards to "go out" and building a socially interconnected payment platform network , played a very important role.

"The restaurants, coffee shops and self-service facilities at the venue can use the Kuaipay app, which is very convenient," said Mr. Liu, a buyer from Zhejiang Province. It is understood that many restaurants in the venue and hotels in the InterContinental National Convention and Exhibition Center accept UnionPay payment methods.

Outside the venue, UnionPay will provide UnionPay mobile QuickPass and QR code scanning bus payment services in Shanghai subway, Shanghai public transportation and other public travel scenarios to facilitate relevant personnel to travel in the city. For users traveling in different places, the UnionPay sensorless smart parking service in Hongqiao Hub and other parking lots and the UnionPay QR code payment service in expressways will help them travel. At present, the number of registered users of the Cloud QuickPass APP has exceeded 400 million, and UnionPay Mobile QuickPass has covered nearly 32 million NFC merchants and nearly 28 million QR code merchants.



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