Aggregate how many ways of payment do you really have?


Consumption has always been with human society in the same industry, along with the improvement of the times and its civilized behavior level, people's consumption methods are increasingly diversified up.

RMB payment (1949--1980)

RMB is a country-specific credit currency recognized by the current stage of social development, and the development history of Chinese currency has gone through a long time full process. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public chinese payment system. This is the first time that a person has been able to get the most out of his or her money, and it is also the most immediate and civilian way of spending money.

Credit card payment (1980--2000)

The development trend of the time to the 1980s, along with the development trend of society, the development of high technology, credit card consumption slowly evolved into a fashion trend. At the same time, it not only prevented the inconvenience of bringing a lot of cash with you in case of consumption, but also made the consumption system easier and more convenient. And a variety of cards were born in turn, including savings cards, bank credit cards, VIP cards, and a variety of shopping malls and supermarkets of consumer cards.

Alipay payment (2000-2016)

Along with the accelerated development trend of the Internet era, the birth of Alipay updated another transformation of consumption methods, especially the birth of online shopping in response to the preconditions that inspired the birth of Alipay. Being an advanced third-party payment service platform in China, the easy, secure and convenient payment solution has suffered from universal favor and application. It is not only used for transferring funds, buying and selling bank credit cards, and paying electricity bills, but also gradually expanded to retail department stores, movie theaters, chain franchises, supermarkets, and cabs, among many other areas. So far, Alipay has established cooperation with 180 financial institutions and VISA, MasterCard and other international economic organizations around the world, and has become a more trusted partner of financial enterprises in the electronic device payment industry.

WeChat Payment

High-tech is changing day by day, WeChat as a third-party payment service platform has become a key way of communication for everyone in modern society, and its short video, video voice role has become a highly favored way of communication and interpersonal interaction. And its development of transferring and sending red envelopes and its payment role is increasingly accepted by many consumers. Let many consumers in mass venues, large shopping malls, restaurants, taxi, pharmacies, etc. gradually accept WeChat payment this kind of fast and quick method of consumption.

2016 ......

For some time in the future, and even for a very long time in the future, digital currencies have the hope to be gradually accepted by us as a brand new payment method, as stated by Mr. Chen Steady Sr. who is an authoritative expert in the financial industry and CEO of Amoy Coin Period Trading Platform, who has been practicing digital currency trading for a long time. Mr. Yang further emphasized that at this stage, although there is no clear schedule for digital currency offerings in China, it is clear from the recent Internet of Things conference that the central bank has been pushing the digital currency process in full swing. It can be expected that it won't be long before digital currencies take root in China, and it's only a matter of time.

As Mr. Yang said, several countries around the world have already adopted digital currencies as one of the payment methods for everyone's consumption at this stage. Like Australia hotel subscription is applicable to digital currency payment, in Italy if you call can also use digital currency payment, and in Paris, France is also increased the scope of digital currency payment, and even cover restaurants, nightclubs, stores, art and creative seminars.

It won't be too hard to notice that the development trend of modern society, along with the continuous development of science and technology, people's consumption payment methods are becoming more and more diversified, digital currency may not only be of concern to investors, but will eventually step into the sight of thousands of households.

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What type of payment is the safest in the world?

Credit cards are one. The most well-known technique of internet payment is also one of the safest. Because credit card transactions are encrypted, the information is scrambled and encoded.

Which payment option works best in India?

Top Indian Payment Methods
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and RuPay are examples of credit/debit cards. 2)Cash.
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Is there a private payment system in Russia?

All pensioners, public sector workers, government servants, and welfare users have access to it (e.g. recipients of social benefits or students). At the beginning of December 2022, 214 banks were utilizing SBP. Over 3.6 billion transactions totaling 18.2 trillion rubles had been processed by the system.


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