Control the metabolic disorders caused by obesity, can not stay up late, the danger is great

Control the metabolic disorders caused by obesity, can not stay up late, the danger is great

metabolic disorder caused by obesity have a significant impact on chronic metabolic diseases.

The methods and means to treat or alleviate obese patients and their metabolic disorders are still very limited.

1. a new factor that inhibits the production of adipose tissue

It plays a key regulatory role in fat formation and obesity-related metabolic disorders, and is a potential molecular target for the treatment of obesity-related metabolic disorders.

Adequate and reasonable sleep is an effective measure to promote health.

Usually it is best not to stay up late, otherwise it will bring harm and even affect their health.

What are the dangers of staying up late?

1. Affect liver function

Staying up late can damage liver function, toxin excretion may be impeded, and even digestive function may be impaired. You should ensure that you get enough sleep.

2. Reduce immunity

With the help of sufficient sleep, immune function can be effectively improved. The internal organs function well, and the body's circulation and metabolism are improved.

This can effectively enhance immune function and reduce the incidence of disease. People who stay up late often may damage the immune system, and the immune system may be weaker.

3. Affect the brain health

Adequate sleep, the brain to maintain a good state of the system, improve memory and maintain normal thinking ability.

4. Causes endocrine disorders

When endocrine levels fluctuate significantly, a variety of adverse symptoms can occur. It accelerates the development of aging and facial acne, and it also causes menstrual disorders in women.

To prevent significant endocrine dysfunction, we should avoid staying up late and ensure a reasonable amount of sleep.


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