The difference between IoT module and chip, the components of the module

The difference between IoT module and chip, the components of the module

I. What is a chip

A chip is a silicon chip containing an integrated circuit, communication module which is small and usually part of a computer or other electronic device.

II. What is a module

Module is an automatic identification module. One of the key parts of the secondary development. With a complete independent scanning function, it can be embedded in cell phones, computers, printers, assembly lines and other equipment in various industries.

Third, what is the Internet of Things module?

In the professional field, IoT module is also called as wireless receiver module. There are many types of wireless receiver modules. We often hear about wireless modules: Wi-Fi module, 4G module, Bluetooth module, NB-IoT module, Lora module and so on.

The role of each wireless module is different. The wireless receiver module is usually built into a specific device that connects to the wireless network and pushes and sends data.

Fourth, the module's composition

The module is usually composed of two parts: hardware pcba board and embedded software including protocol stack.

1.PCBA board

Hardware PCBA board is usually composed of baseband chip, RF circuit and antenna, power supply, shielding and embedded software.

2. Embedded software

Embedded system software mainly includes enterprise running software for environment and protocol stack. For example, the wireless communication network security protocol IEEE802 is built into the Wi-Fi module. 11bg.n protocol stack and TCP/IP protocol stack.

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