The importance of millimeter wave to 5G development is self-evident!

The importance of millimeter wave to 5G development is self-evident!

According to 3GPP protocol, 5G network mainly uses two frequencies: FR1 band and FR2 band, FR1 band is 450MHz-6GHz, also known as sub-6GHz band;

5g mmWave The FR2 band has a frequency range of 24.25GHz-52.6GHz and is commonly referred to as millimeter wave (mmWave). The industry is already familiar with the sub-6GHz band, which is currently operating in 4GLTE networks.

Millimeter wave is relatively unfamiliar, but the key is in promoting millimeter wave technology to build 5G networks.

It is well known that millimeter wave has a large bandwidth and fast speed. 4 g lte cellular systems have a maximum available bandwidth of 100 mhz and data rates of less than 1 gbps. in the millimeter wave band, the maximum available bandwidth is 400 MHz and data rates are up to 10 gbps or more.

Data rates are up to 10 gbps or higher. In the 5g era, this bandwidth performance can meet the needs of users for specific scenarios.

The spectrum resources in the 30 GHz range are divided among different operators and institutions.

At this point, the unrecovered millimeter wave leaves a wide resource space for operators. More importantly, the increased carrier frequency means smaller antennas.

This means that high frequency path loss can be compensated for by increasing the number of antennas without increasing the size of the antenna array.

In the area of 5G networks, the mobile industry can use millimeter-wave radio spectrum to provide the bandwidth needed for 5G networks to meet the demands of high-speed mobile networks.

According to the GSMA, China will account for 53% of the $212 billion economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region by 2034, driven by innovative 5G millimeter wave services.

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Are 5G mmWave frequencies low?

Since the small wavelengths of these high-frequency bands may be measured in millimeters, they are frequently referred to as [mmWave]. Although mmWave bands are available up to 300 GHz, 5G is anticipated to utilise the bands between 24 GHz and 100 GHz.

The utilization of 5G mmWave

Offices, shopping centers, and other interior locations need high-density 5G mmWave microcells. With download speeds of up to 20 Gbps, these tiny cells enable seamless access to cloud data, different applications, and many types of entertainment and multimedia.

Do I require 5G mmWave?

For wide-area coverage and bandwidth, sub-6GHz 5G is necessary, although mmWave offers faster speeds over shorter distances. As a result, mmWave deployments are only feasible across short distances, like a few streets, and in places that can benefit most from extremely high bandwidth, such stadiums and urban cores.

Which 5G phones are mmWave compatible?

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