What are the advantages of using ear temperature guns for children and teenagers


The ear thermometer is a non-contact braun thermoscan ear thermometer temperature measuring instrument that accurately measures human body temperature based on infrared induction directly into the ear drum, which is very accurate. Forehead thermometer and ear thermometer accurate measurement method are similar, all non-contact measuring device, but the home with children at home is generally will choose the ear thermometer. Ear temperature gun suffered a child's home so loved, one due to its very accurate and security, ear temperature gun volume is relatively large, small babies can not be a hand to take it away, even if small babies chew ear temperature gun, will not have actual damage to the child's body, this is stronger than mercury thermometer, at the same time ear temperature gun also has other advantages.

What are the advantages of the ear temperature gun for children and teenagers

1, quickly: only a second or buy whatsminer m30s++even shorter, you can measure the exact human body temperature from inside the ear. When the baby continues to have a fever, it can be measured accurately at any time and anywhere and be quickly informed of the change in body temperature.
2, soft: the application of comfortable, soft so that small babies do not feel discomfort, and even sleep at night to accurately measure without worrying about waking up small babies?
3, accurate: detect the ear drum and surrounding institutions sent infrared induction heat, and then according to the embedded full intelligent processing chip quickly estimate the precise body temperature, and indicate to one decimal place after the traditional thermometer scale chopsticks word confusion. The new upgrade a second thermometer can scanner eight times in a second human body temperature, and show a higher reading of the ambient temperature, more to ensure the accuracy of the detection.
4, safety: the traditional type of mercury thermometer by heat or press set unreasonable, thermometer is very easy to break, liquid mercury is released if the mercury thermometer breaks in the body, liquid mercury vapor will be digested and absorbed by the body. Authoritative experts have found that children and teenagers touching liquid mercury for a long time will cause nerve damage, and pregnant mothers who take fish contaminated by liquid mercury environment will lead to fetal baby damage. And accurate measurement time is long, ear temperature gun are free from the defects of the above mercury thermometer.
5, application time and effort: application gently straighten the ear hole, the temperature measuring head into the ear hole, according to the upper end of the temperature measurement constantly a second, you can read from the LCD screen accurate to one decimal place of the precise human body temperature.

Ear temperature gun precise measurement plastic prototypeof small baby human body when you must grasp the baby inside the ear, which attracts many mothers-to-be. Such intimate actions with the middle of the baby can enhance the mutual relationship between mother and child, both to test the child's health and to play with the baby, the parents are a double whammy.

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