How many degrees of forehead measurement is considered high fever?


It is considered silly enough to aluminum prototype submit the human body temperature on a daily basis Nowadays, the whole country has entered into the opening situation, although the viral infection has been manipulated, but everyone's anxious strings or did not release the pressure, lest their own momentary carelessness and there is no hit, in which a high fever is the most difficult to believe. In fact, a high fever is not a mistake, it is the main performance of the body's immune system to resist the invasion of viral infections, but anyone's body environment temperature is not the same, we have different definitions of the "high fever" temperature? Then, how many degrees is considered a high fever? When you have a fever, is it effective to reduce the temperature by taking antipyretics?

How does a high fever occur?

The human anatomy can be considered a Avalonminer very fine device, there is a thermoregulatory center in the location of the inferior optic thalamus of the human brain, I do not know who in the end in people's "thermoregulatory center" set a human body temperature selection point, usually no disease in the case of human body temperature is in the upper and lower 37 ℃. But the body once the sense of a variety of diseases, such as g, will occur inflammatory reflection, and the human body temperature selection point to rise, resulting in the human immune system to make some course physiological needs and make the body temperature rise, its function is to better kill the onset of germs, viral infections.

The normal body temperature of 37 ℃ or has been prohibited

Stanford University in the braun digital ear thermometer United States has carried out a long period of data collection and scientific research on human body temperature, and found that every 10 years, the body's normal body temperature will fall by 0.05℉. So far it is still impossible to understand what causes this conclusion, but according to this scientific research, the normal reference environment temperature of the human body may have a new change, so that its own inclusion in the normal temperature of 37 ℃ will no longer be accurate. In addition, we used to use mercury thermometers to measure under the armpit, but nowadays we often use frontal thermometers, and the location of heat detection varies, resulting in a very large difference in human body temperature.

How many degrees is considered fever when using a frontal thermometer to detect heat?

There are many positions of forehead thermometer, which can be divided into mouth, anus, armpit, ear and forehead, etc. The body temperature also changes somewhat with age, length of day and body theme activities. However, by carefully reading the instructions for the use of the forehead thermometer, we can follow the standard values of human body temperature supplied by it as the initial assessment of high fever. The standard values of heat detection for each body part are: 37.5℃ for mouth, 38℃ for ear, 38℃ for anus, 36℃ for forehead, and 37.3℃ for axillary. When the body temperature is higher than the above standard values, you should suspect a high fever and go to the hospital.

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