CNC machining center machining process method full set!

CNC machining center machining process method full set!

Machining center is a kind of high precision, braun thermoscan thermometer high efficiency intelligent CNC lathe, the application of machining center can enhance the production and processing economic efficiency, creating a lot of use value, the production of machining center makes the company eliminate that outdated production and processing technicality, CNC machining center machining process and general CNC lathe production process is similar, but because the machining center is a clamping, continuous fully automatic production and processing for all Milling process, so should pay attention to some of the following levels.

Effective selection of durable tools

For efficient metal material Graphics miner cutting production processing, the raw material being produced, cutting tools, and drilling standards are the three major factors. Such decisions determine the production processing time, CNC insert life and production quality. Economic development of reasonable production methods is certainly an effective selection of drilling standards.

The three elements of precision cnc machined parts the drilling standard: the cutting amount, cutting speed and depth of cut immediately cause damage to the CNC inserts. As the cutting amount is elevated, the sharp knife environment temperature will rise, which will cause mechanical equipment, organic chemical and thermal damage. The cutting amount is increased by 20%, the life of the CNC insert will be reduced by 1/2.

The standard of tool walking and CNC inserts after the damage associated with a smaller scope caused. However, the cutting speed is large, the drilling temperature is elevated, and the rear side damage is large. It is less harmful than the cutting amount to the milling cutter. The depth of cut on the milling cutter, although not as great as the cutting amount and cutting speed, but in the fine depth of cut drilling, the raw material being cut caused by the hard bottoming layer, as well as the life of the CNC inserts will be endangered.

The customer should select the cutting amount according to the raw material to be produced, strength, drilling situation, type of raw material, cutting speed, depth of cut and so on.

The most suitable production situation is selected on the basis of such elements. There is a standard, smooth damage to achieve the service life is considered the idealized standard.

However, in the real work, the selection of CNC insert life is related to the milling cutter damage, the transformation of the production processing specifications, surface quality, drilling noise, production processing heat, etc.. When clarifying the production processing standards, scientific research must be conducted in accordance with the actual situation. For difficult production processing raw materials such as stainless steel plate and wear-resistant alloy steel, coolant can be selected or a good rigidity of the edge can be used.

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