Exactly how to choose active noise cancellation headphones!

In recent years, active noise rapid 3d prototyping cancellation headphones are increasingly hot, advertising overwhelming, resulting in a lot of people blindly follow the trend to buy, and forget that it is a cold role of cell phone headphones, bought a few of the dust. Therefore, before buying and selling must figure out since the real requirements, or figure a fresh, is necessary to block high frequency noise, or can not afford the low frequency noise

Active noise cancellation bitmain l7 headphones currently on the market is divided into noise cancellation and passive noise cancellation. Active active noise cancellation headphones are mainly the use of physical characteristics of the external noise and ear inside the block away, according to the different materials of the blockage to avoid noise into the ear, as put firecrackers to take hands to cover the ears inside.

For high frequency noise is noise cancelling earbuds and earphones very reasonable. Generally can make noise reduction of about 15-20dB. this type of noise reduction method is more traditional, widespread, its price compared to the active noise reduction headphones are also cheaper.
Noise reduction room space is large. Passive noise cancellation for high frequency information blocking effect is very good, so the noise reduction room space is large. For example, the sound insulation material on the side of the road. However, for high-frequency noise in small spaces, such as noise in the work of central air conditioning, aircraft engine noise and other noise, the actual effect is greatly affected.

There is no way to neutralize the noise. We can see most of the portable sound insulation headset goods are such active noise reduction methods, in-ear headphones headphones and closed headphones can be a certain level of protection against noise, but there is no way to combine the noise to achieve the actual effect of quiet listening.
Sound tone is too large. Many in the passive active noise reduction headphones in order to better enhance the actual effect of noise reduction, and the original loud tone high, to carry out the removal of noise, that is not very good for the physical and mental health inside the ear, which must we seriously to regularly check the sound tone compared to the active noise reduction headphones.


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