5 basics that new loan borrowers need to know, right below

5 basics that new loan borrowers need to know, right below

I. What is credit

Credit loan, refers to the credit issued by the borrower's credit, personal loan hong kong the borrower does not need to provide a guarantee, only through the credit to obtain loans, the borrower's credit as a guarantee of repayment.

Loan classification

According to the different credit of corporate borrowers, loans can be classified into credit risk loans, loans from guarantee companies (guarantee network loans, mortgage loans, pledge loans), discounted bills and other types.

Loan Process

1. Borrower's loan application.

2. Review the borrower's situation (including repayment ability, 4g wifi credit status, guarantee status, collateral ratio, risk level, etc.).

3. After the market risk is evaluated and approved, the contract is signed and the loan is issued.

4. Notes for loan application

The monthly repayment amount should not exceed 50% of the total household income;

* The use of the loan should be legal and legitimate, bitcoin+mining+website and the background of the transaction should be true.

Choose a repayment method that suits your needs based on your repayment ability and future financial income;

● Provide true information, accurate address and contact information, and notify the bank of any changes in a timely manner;

: Make repayment on time to avoid bad credit history;

V. Notes on the use of the loan

The personal loan should have a clear purpose and comply with the laws, regulations and relevant national policies. The background of the transaction must be true, and the background of the transaction and the purpose of the loan cannot be fabricated;


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