The key points of SME loan verification guarantee


In small and micro enterprise loans, the review of the authenticity of the loan and the guarantee is called underwriting, and underwriting refers to the legal qualification of the guarantor before the bank signs substantive credit legal documents, or the credit business actually pays or issues). , Guarantee intention, signature, guarantee relationship, authenticity of collateral loan computer(貸款計算機).

Underwriting is an important step for banks to verify the authenticity of loans and guarantees. In this link, criminals often deceive bank staff. There are two main methods:

Submit a falsely signed guarantee document. The early trick was that when bank staff made insurance, the crooks usually panicked and said that the person in charge of the guarantee unit was away (meetings, business trips, or going abroad, etc.), and tried not to let the bank insurer meet the person in charge of the guarantee unit. The scammer asked the bank staff to leave relevant documents, impersonate the guarantor to sign and seal, and then submit false guarantee documents to the lending bank.

Meet with bank staff by impersonating a guarantor. The trick now is that the crooks will try to meet the bank insurer in the meeting room and other offices of the guarantee unit, falsely claim to agree to the guarantee, and sign and stamp in person. If bank personnel do not act in accordance with the system and do not insist on face-to-face verification on the spot, it is easy to be deceived and bury potential loan risks Cards returned(還卡數).

Underwriting of mortgage security

(1) Verify the authenticity of the mortgagor's subject qualification.

(2) Verify the authenticity of the mortgagor's signature and seal.

(3) Verify the legitimacy of the mortgagor's possession of the collateral. Verify the title certificate of the mortgaged property, and the owner on the title certificate is the same as the mortgagor. If the property is jointly owned by two or more people, it shall be verified whether the mortgage documents are signed by all the co-owners or their agents.

(4) Verify the authenticity of the mortgage guarantee willingness. Verify the original resolutions of the board of directors, the shareholders meeting (or the competent authority), and confirm the mortgage with the approval of the board of directors and other competent authorities. Whether the resolutions and procedures of the board of directors (or the competent authority) comply with the relevant provisions of the mortgagor's articles of association.

The resolution should include the following: the name, specification, quantity, location of collateral, secured claims, loan type and amount; claims described in the resolution must be clearly defined.

(5) Verify that the collateral is consistent with the credit approval. The underwriters jointly go to the location of the mortgaged property to check whether the on-site situation is consistent with the mortgaged property certificate. Mainly verify whether the name of the certificate is consistent with the actual situation, whether the address and address are consistent, whether the appearance of the collateral is damaged, and whether the specifications and quantities are consistent; check the status of the collateral (project under construction or property that has completed acceptance) and Whether the credit approval is consistent, check whether it is consistent with the photos in the credit investigation report or the evaluation report issued by the designated evaluation agency. If the visual comparison is inconsistent, if conditions permit, the insurer may take color photos of the overall appearance and internal structure of the collateral, or inconsistent text descriptions, as an attachment to the underwriting materials whatsminer m30s++ for sale.

(6) Verify the validity of the mortgage right when it is established, and whether there are restrictions on the mortgage, such as freezing, sealing up, seizure, and supervision.

(7) Handle mortgage registration according to law. The necessary materials such as ownership certificate, real estate address, and area provided according to different registration items are consistent with the approval; if the building is mortgaged, the right to use the construction land within the building occupied area shall be mortgaged and registered. Where the right to use construction land is mortgaged, the building shall be mortgaged for registration; where the right to use construction land is mortgaged, the registration shall be mortgaged with the right to use construction land.

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