Do you know what steps need to be followed in the production of 3d prototyping?

Do you know what steps need to be followed in the production of 3d prototyping?

3d prototyping is called 3d prototyping, in the whole production process, to strictly follow the process to complete, if the process is not grasp, then the model made can not be put into use, in the whole production process, generally need to be divided into four steps, respectively, modeling, slicing, printing and post-processing.

3d prototyping first step: modeling

Modeling process is very critical, it will affect the overall structure, 3d prototyping in the modeling needs to be in accordance with the corresponding proportion to the overall control, if the proportion of control, then the model made does not have any reference value, and even with the reality of the shape has a world of difference, so in the modeling, must be responsible for the scaling in strict accordance with the proportion to ensure that the overall structure and the The actual structure is exactly the same.

3d prototyping step 2: slicing process

The slicing process is equally important, because the materials used are different, so staff need to determine the specific materials used in advance, and then slice them, some people use special metal, some use powder metal, of course, many teams choose plastic material in order to save costs, this part of the material will be cut into thin slices, in order to be able to fit together, through layers of processing into a three-dimensional object.

3d prototyping step 3: printing

The principle of 3D printing is very simple, generally speaking, is to put the data and raw materials into the 3D printer, not long after the finished product can be made, so that the product also has a high value. It is understood that as long as the equipment used is reasonable, then the product can be made in accordance with the program layer by layer.

3d prototyping step 4: post-processing

Post-processing involves a number of aspects, such as fine-tuning the shape and adjusting the details to make the overall shape look more valuable.

3d prototyping has a certain technical content, and the entire production process is the same as the requirements.

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