What is the current status of the use of rapid prototyping technology?


In the last two years, rapid prototyping prototype manufacturing technology has gained a great deal of momentum, covering a wide range of industries and applications, with the key focus on industrial manufacturing.
With the help of rapid prototyping technology, we can quickly produce a conceptual model of a piece of equipment that can be relied upon to validate the interior designer's overall design concept, allowing for immediate changes to be made in the event of irregularities in the design.

The traditional production method is hashing24 cloud mining usually through the drawing, and then to the public design, and only later is the specific design of the goods, generally its time consuming very large, where the level to spend human resources, capital and material resources are very large, even after the completion of such a huge design scheme project, will also involve changes and rework of goods. At present, relying on rapid prototyping technology, it can save maximum time and effort and enhance the efficiency of the design scheme. In addition, with rapid prototyping technology, the original shape can be immediately monitored and simulated in a functional way, and in the end that way, it also promotes the efficiency of the design solution phase, as the trinity approach, which is aimed at design solutions, construction and manufacturing can reasonably report information content, prompting each responsible person can purposefully solve difficulties and complete the best adjustment.

As we all know, traditional hong kong loan mould production takes a long time and is very expensive to run, prompting many companies to avoid such a phase whenever possible. According to statistical analysis, a more traditional set of injection moulds must cost at least $100,000 to manufacture under traditional techniques. And here, too, problems are inevitable throughout the process, especially when the deviations involved are immediately reflected in the injection mould, which can be a major detriment to the company. Chinese experts feel: in the course of rapid mould production and manufacturing, you can rely on rapid prototyping technology to complete the entire process in these two ways: one, soft moulds, usually referring to silicone rubber moulds, can rely on SLA, FDM, LOM and SLS technology to run the original shape, later to carry out the production of silicone rubber moulds, and then to the introduction of components of polyurethane material in which, eventually By waiting for it to dry, it is possible to obtain the necessary fast moulds. Secondly, hard moulds, using SLA, SLS, FDM or LOM, for the production of wax moulds in disappearing mould casting, using a unique method of solving the surface layer of the original form and replacing it with a wooden mould, followed by the production of cooked plaster or porcelain moulds, and then the final pouring process from the cooked plaster or porcelain moulds.

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