What are the tasting and characteristics of sake?


Sake, the famous Japanese sake, has sake tasting hong kong become a popular choice for drinking alone or with two or three people. However, for some friends who are new to sake, they don't know which one to pick when they are dealing with all the sake on the counter. Therefore, the orange gentleman went to share the tasting and characteristics of sake.

Sake tasting, generally will use bitmain antminer s19 pro for sale the creamy white porcelain cup - snake eye cup, if not also can use red wine cup. The snake eye cup is the traditional Japanese style and the most used is the sake cup, like a small bowl with a slightly open mouth, the aroma can be dazzling in the cup for several turns, and then winding up, the quality and aroma of the wine can be very good tasting. And, whether the bottle of sake obtained in your hand is suitable for warm drinking, or suitable for cold drinking this cup can be.

Then, it is really gradually Ngau Tam Mei our "wine appreciation line", a smell, two look, three tasting, four distinguish, simple these few processes will enable us to have a clear understanding of a wine.

In general, the fragrance of Kaoru is relatively high, releasing an elegant fragrance like a hundred fruits, and the taste is from cheerful to thick, mainly or with pure rice Daiginjo and ginjo. In contrast, the aroma of sake is simple and fresh, and it generally has a refreshing flavor of lightly pungent mouth, mostly dominated by this brew and raw sake; then look at mature sake, which has a deep and complicated aroma, strong aftertaste, generally brown in color, high alcohol content, acid value and sugar content, mostly ancient sake and long-term slow-boiled sake; finally, there is alcoholic sake, which has a lower aroma, solid taste and sweet aftertaste, and is the most fatty Japanese sake, which is thicker, is mainly pure rice sake and kimoto sake.

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Is sake more akin to beer or wine?

An age-old, fermented liquor called sake is well-known throughout the world as the ideal partner for sushi and other Japanese cuisine. The majority of individuals will describe sake as a [rice wine] when questioned about it. The majority of people are mistaken, nevertheless, as sake is more closely related to beer than it is to wine.

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Can sake prevent aging?

Sake's Anti-Aging Propensities Sake includes ferulic acid, also known as hydroxycinnamic acid, in addition to an abundance of amino acids. Antioxidant ferulic acid has been shown to activate cells that support anti-aging and improve skin suppleness.

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