Here are four ways that GREAT campaign is revitalizing the UK economy

master scholarship

The Great Britain & Northern Ireland Campaign

GREAT is set to generate £407m of investment right across the UK.

Students from 121 countries have been attracted to the campaign, resulting in increased university business in the UK.

International students attracted by 'GREAT Study UK' campaign will generate over £407m for the economy and other industries during their university study.

The campaign includes opinion pieces written in collaboration with universities from all over the United States. It is delivered to students around the world in various ways, such as scholarships and campaign videos.

A University saw a 40% increase on 2020/21 international student enrolments, following the success of their 'GREAT Study UK' campaign.

Jake Berry, Cabinet Office Minister, has said:

“The GREAT ‘Study UK’ campaign attracts and supports international students to study in the UK. This simultaneously helps local economies across the country, as well as being a way for the universities to enrich their academic experience.”

As of the latest figures, foreign students contribute £28.8 billion in revenue to the UK economy each year.

Maddalaine Ansell, director of education for the British Council, said

International students are integral to the international community in the United Kingdom, as they not only enrich the educational experience at universities but also promote a better understanding of British values through their active participation.

Many international graduates go on to play important roles in the political, economic, scientific, and cultural life of their own countries. This also means that we have friends in many places.

"Minister for Skills Andrea Jenkyns said:"

University students from other countries help create space for native individuals and also support economic growth.

The president of the University of Westminster, Hugh Brady, speaks on how students coming to study at UK universities has more than doubled in the last ten years.

Doug Pearce from the University of Leeds discuss international recruitment

The British Council's GREAT campaign helps the UK's higher education sector become better known as one of the best in the world.

Shonagh Maak - International Recruitment Manager, University of Glasgow

With international students, the college/university campus will be culturally vibrant and full of diversity. International students at the school help increase research and create a learning environment that other schools might lack.

We use our skills in the communications to encourage people to visit, study, and do business with the UK. The GREAT campaign is a government-led public relations campaign to promote the United Kingdom around the world and encourage investment and tourism.

GREAT is the brand used by UK's foreign offices worldwide and with high quality has been successful.

4 reasons why this is a GREAT Study from UK

The Study UK campaign launched in 2016 and is designed to unify and focus the UK's marketing efforts.

The British Council, Study UK and UniversitiesUK report that the international student population brings in £407 million for the UK.

The total net impact impact created by international enrollment was 1.14% of the total, and equaled 4,316 individuals master scholarship.

An average of £1,190 of each international student's spend in the UK goes to Study UK.

“I studied in the UK because it’s so international. It is home to many global, top-ranking universities and a dynamic job market.

Learn how journalism careers are helping to develop a more digitally savvy workforce

Swansea is a globally active institution with large ties to both academia and the community.

Maya is an International Relations major from Oklahoma.

"Something about Wales really touched me. It's a welcoming, open society with a culture of 'cwtch' (translation is difficult). Living there has been very fulfilling."

Stella has an M.A. in Music Business Management

"As someone who is going into the music industry, I know that if you are in the UK then there are many more opportunities. There are more music labels and publishers and management companies than anywhere else. Without doing my master's, I would have found it hard to get anywhere.

Chrislyn, Master's Student in Intellectual Property and the Digital Econom, University of Glasgow

"The University of Glasgow is one of the best universities to study intellectual property and the digital economy. I knew that if I wanted to pursue a postgraduate degree, it had to be somewhere at the top of its game.

Transitional justice and human rights specialist

The scholarship recipient is studying in Northern Ireland because of its historical and political context. Living there has provided the student with a new perspective on how to shape-shift old peace processes into a new cultural context.


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