HFCL MD Mahendra Nahata on how exports and telecom services will lead India's growth

5g wifi

HFCL Limited expects substantial growth coming from new products and exports. The company is managing director Mahendra Nahata.

The company has the first open-source Wi-Fi system with faster speed and improved coverage than any previous generations. The launch was simultaneous to the first day of the India Mobile Congress.

Wi-Fi operates on radio frequencies, with Intel and Broadcom showcasing a new product at the US event, Wi-Fi 7, which can offer speeds of more than five gigabits per second.

HFCL companies say it is the first company to develop a Wi-Fi 7 access point at speeds of more than 10 gigabits per second 5g wifi.

Long lines at airports or malls will now be efficiently handled by 5G Wi-Fi access points, which allow up to 10gbps of throughput and can serve a thousand people simultaneously with high speeds.

Dumbernet makes a network open-source, so you can choose hardware and software from different vendors. Wi-fi networks consist of access points and software. Dumbernet saves money for customers!

Nahata said the new Wi-Fi product would be available in the market in three-four months.

The company is expecting substantial revenue growth from product that they have intellectual property rights to and will be catered to both domestic and overseas markets.

HFCL produces and sells a variety of products, such as optic fibre, telecom gear and engineering services. Products make up 70% of their revenue with the rest coming from construction projects.

The management of HFCL said they are targeting a 2.5 increase in exports of telecommunication equipment and optic fibre as they sell them to over ten countries. They mentioned that the company is already exporting Wi-Fi equipment, before their eyes now turn to the US market.

The company collaborated with Qualcomm to design and develop 5G wireless. Field trials will take place next January and the company hopes to release it by April.


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