Is buying a vacuum cleaner necessary? Is it effective? Following the reading of not tangled

the suction

Men and women alike cannot escape, not dog love, but housework. With the advancement best vacuum for deep cleaning carpetof technology, more and more people are abandoning traditional cleaning methods in favor of smart home appliances, which "vacuum cleaner" has always been a good cleaning assistant since its invention, so how to choose a suitable and useful vacuum cleaner?

Take a look at the setup.

Suction power and suction power

The stronger the suction, the cleaner the dust and debris, the higher the power of the vacuum cleaner. The average handheld pusher uses 200W of power, and the suction power of a sweeping robot is typically 2000Pa5000Pa, whereas a vacuum cleaner can reach more than 20000Pa, which is why a sweeping robot is not a replacement for a vacuum cleaner.

Scrubbing brush, anti-curling brush, electric mite brush, and suction head are common vacuum cleaner accessories. Mid- to high-end vacuum cleaners have double brushes for increased cleaning power and a variety of suction heads for different scenarios, which is convenient and helps to avoid secondary pollution.

Filtering technology

The higher the number of stages and the finer the filter material, the cleaner the air will be. If you have children or allergy sufferers in your household, it is recommended that you purchase a vacuum cleaner with a filtration level of 6, which can filter out more than 99% of fine dust.

Long life expectancy

Unlimited vacuum cleaners rely on endurance time; otherwise, running out of power halfway through the cleaning process is very inconvenient. Cleaning an 80-square-foot house takes at least 30-40 minutes. So consider the battery capacity; in general, the larger the battery capacity, the greater the endurance time.

Method of dust pouring

Generally, vacuum cleaners have one button dust pouring and magnetic dust cups; the magnetic dust cup dust pouring method is recommended because it is very easy to remove and install. Dust will pour out of the dustbin as a result of one-touch dust dumping, etc.

Examine the features and accessories.

Vacuum cleaners nowadays typically have three functions: vacuuming, scrubbing, and mite removal. When shopping for a device with three functions, consider the suction head accessories. A floor brush with a roller class and a rotating class is required for general floor scrubbing accessories. A mite removal brush is required for mite removal.



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