coffee method, "smooth rotation" + "gentle water injection" + "water stop"


Many people want to learn how to brew coffee by hand... Recently, several brown friends have asked from time to time about the method of hand brewing, how come it is not as fragrant as a certain person's brew, but also has a sweet taste?

It seems to be very easy... Actually, it's not too difficult...

It's just that...

I often see people take out the hand brewed wireless vacuum cleaner manufacturer pot and start winding it around and around...

From the inside out... And then from the outside to the inside...

And so on... Around... Wrap...

Pay attention to the amount of powder... Pay attention to the water temperature... Pay attention to the scale... Note the amount of water...

Pay attention to everything... All the attention...

How come you still can't brew a good cup of coffee?

In fact, the simpler the equipment is the most difficult brewing method, hand brewing is because of the human factor changes a lot

There are many variations in hand brewing, judging by the degree of roasting of soybeans, grinding size, water temperature, smothering time, rinsing speed, taste are all different Oh, not easy to control

Soy beans from shallow cultivation, medium cultivation to deep cultivation considerations and methods:

1. Please note: the deeper the beans are roasted, the shorter the steaming time must be, and the steaming time should not be too much.

2. From medium to deep roasting, the grind size is getting coarser and finer.

3. The water temperature should also be judged by the shallow, medium and deep roasting to become increasingly cold.

"For the most part, shallow baking can be finely ground and deep baking can be coarsely ground."

Why is there such a situation? Large particles of coffee powder melting speed is slow, when the extraction is not yet complete, the good taste is not out, will be under-extracted. Small particles of coffee powder melting speed is fast, the extraction has already been completed, began to release the bad flavor, will be over-extracted.

Here is a proposal for some newbies:

"smooth rotation", "gentle water injection", "water stop"

Steady rotation

In general, see the barista, one hand holding the pot, one hand holding the pot, in fact, is also a way to improve the stability of hand brewing, or use the body swaying to go.

Since the water injection method is based on a small circle around the center, the purpose is to let the bottom layer of coffee powder saturate first, leaving only the surface particles must drink water, the next time you give water, you will draw concentric circles to let the water flow around the way out, so that the surface of the coffee coffee capsule particles also eat full of water.

I usually finish brewing light roast and light to medium roast powder bed is like the following picture.

It is the difference caused by the injection technique and the scope, I understand it this way: as long as you can extract a good cup of coffee, even if the powder bed is convex, it is still okay! But the premise is to be proportional, the proportional indicates that the amount of water injection is proportional, the extraction is proportional. If it happens that the powder bed is high on one side and low on the other, or uneven powder surface, it is the uneven impact of the water flow, resulting in uneven coffee extraction!

To the concentric circle water flow analysis method, should not only in the center of the water injection? Although I have seen some theoretical posts or videos before, the peripheral powder does not need to be rushed to, but the peripheral circle of powder is not soaked in water will appear to be under-extracted, if the circle to the edge of the filter paper, the water is from the edge of the paper and flow directly into the lower pot, resulting in the appearance of over-water, resulting in the appearance of water taste.

Mild water injection

Water stimulates the level of coffee powder... It also affects the release of coffee ingredients

Gentle to the coffee powder... You get a gentle cup of coffee

Stimulate the coffee powder... You get a stimulating cup of coffee

Softly fill the water stream to reduce the impact of the water on the powder bed. To control the water level in the filter cup, slowly fill the cup with water at a lower level after steaming, and then let the coffee powder in the filter cup soak as if it were steeped. This slows down the extraction rhythm and tends to produce a mild tasting coffee with an overpowering flavor.

Stopping the water

After steaming, fill a section of water in three stages

Personal experience.

Depending on the altitude: at relatively low altitudes, soybeans are made of loose material and are not resistant to extraction, generally such soybeans can sustain water, such as Brazil, Mantning; high altitude soybeans are made of hard material and are resistant to extraction, usually using stop water, such as Panama, Costa Rica, Yogashefi, Kenya.

Look at the roast degree: roast degree deep application of continuous water, roast degree shallow, or medium shallow, application of stop water.

Look at the date: usually stop water is used during the bean raising period.


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