How do I choose a vacuum cleaner for housework? Do you agree with these three points?

three-dimensional design

What do you require the most in the face of a dusty and garbage-filled home environment? It has to be a vacuum cleaner, in my opinion. You should be aware that cleaning your home without a vacuum cleaner is not only difficult and time consuming, sommelier hong kongbut the tiny dust will also spread to all corners of your home, causing discomfort and affecting your living comfort.

The question then becomes, how can a household chore maven choose the right vacuum cleaner for himself when faced with a wide variety of vacuum cleaners on the market with different functions? Do you have to follow the shopper's recommendations? Is it, however, safe to buy a vacuum cleaner in this manner? To avoid blind selection, you should first learn a few selection elements.

First, consider the body type.

The type of body is the first thing to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner, and vacuum cleaners on the market are classified into three types: horizontal, vertical, and handheld. Although they are all used to clean the home, there is a significant difference in their use, which I will explain in detail below in order to provide you with an accurate understanding of the body.

1.1 Vertical

Horizontal vacuum cleaner primarily consists of three parts: dust, dust, and dust filtering. The shape of this vacuum cleaner is not too large, and the head design is relatively flexible, allowing you to go in and out of the usual difficult to clean areas such as the bottom of the sofa, the bottom of the bed, and other areas, with excellent cleaning strength, allowing you to easily get the whole house hygiene.

Of course, in addition to the benefits listed above, horizontal vacuum cleaners have one significant best vacuum cleaner for carpet and hardwooddisadvantage: when cleaning with it, you must pull the power cord and dust collection bucket together, which makes it easy to collide with furniture and makes the cleaning process more difficult.

1.2 Horizontal

The shape is the most noticeable difference between vertical and horizontal vacuum cleaners; the three-dimensional design takes up no space and is very easy to store. When cleaning your home, you don't need to bend down at all; simply drag it back and forth to achieve hygiene, which is both convenient and time-saving.

1.3 Portable

Handheld vacuum cleaners are the smallest and lightest of all vacuum cleaners, allowing even women with limited strength to operate them with one hand, making them more convenient to use. Second, its small size makes it ideal for cleaning corners, crevices, and areas such as cars.

Of course, don't think it can only clean the crevices because of this advantage; I'd like to tell you that the application of handheld vacuum cleaners is still very broad; in addition to cleaning the corner crevices, it can also clean the ground, mattress, sofa, and even car, electrical appliances, and so on, the practical performance of the straight up.

Large families should choose horizontal vacuum cleaners because their excellent cleaning ability allows Marni Kids HKthem to remove large areas of dust and dirt in the shortest amount of time. If you have a small home and want a lighter vacuum cleaner, consider purchasing a handheld vacuum cleaner with a lightweight body and efficient cleaning ability.

Second, consider the cleaning capability.

As we all know, the primary function of vacuum cleaners is to clean dirty homes, so after examining the body type, it is time to investigate vacuum cleaner cleaning ability. But how can we tell if a vacuum cleaner's cleaning ability is adequate? Simply look at the motor, the suction head, and the filtration, three critical reference points.

2.1 Examine the motor

Why is the motor considered the vacuum cleaner's "heart" so important? Because the vacuum cleaner's suction power is directly linked to the motor, the suction power is dependent on the motor. The motor is classified into two types: brush motors and brushless motors, which differ in name and performance.

1 motor with a brush

Brush motors are more traditional; they are primarily used for steering drive via a converter, carbon brush, or brush energized, and their performance is more stable. The structure is also very simple, so the price is also relatively low. However, it has a shorter service life, is more prone to internal damage, and is less energy efficient.

2 brushed motors

Brushless motors are relatively new, and they are controlled not only by a computer chip for steering, but they can also be adjusted to meet the cleaning needs of suction power. Furthermore, it has a longer service life and is not easily damaged, and the running noise is very low, so it will not interfere with daily life in any way.

2.2 Examine the suction head

When you use the same vacuum cleaner with the same head to clean different materials on the ground, the cleaning effect will be noticeably different. As a result, we can conclude that the suction head is the key to vacuum cleaners' ability to clean various materials. Vacuum cleaners typically have two types of heads: direct suction and roller brush.

1 suction directly

A direct-drive motor installed at the suction head of a direct-suction vacuum cleaner is designed to quickly clean dust, hair, and other dirt using strong suction. As a result, its greatest advantage is that it is suitable for all types of areas, particularly for cleaning carpets and crevices.

However, despite the excellent cleaning effect, it still cannot eliminate the defect of working noise, and the suction head is generally hard, making it easy to damage the floor during the cleaning process.

2 rolling brushes

The main difference between the roller brush and the direct suction type is that the dust, hair, etc. is sucked into the dust collection box by turning the brush head. Because of its relatively soft brush head, it is better suited for cleaning smooth surfaces such as tiles and wooden floors, and it is also ideal for cleaning tiny particles.

However, it is not suitable for cleaning carpets, not because the suction power of the roller brush vacuum cleaner is low, but because its brush head density is too high, causing greater friction with the carpet and making progress difficult.

Selection advice: if you want to quickly clean the stubborn dirt on the carpet, a straight vacuum cleaner with stronger suction power is recommended; if you want to clean the smooth floor, a roller brush vacuum cleaner with softer texture and stronger adsorption capacity is recommended.

2.3 Examine the filtration

Did you know that vacuum cleaners in the studio exhaust air to the outside? If the vacuum cleaner has insufficient filtration, the inhaled dust will be discharged with the air, causing secondary pollution and increasing the workload. To avoid the aforementioned issues, consider the filtration ability of the vacuum cleaner when shopping for one.


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