A few vacuum cleaner shopping tips: buy expensive rather than choose the right one.

on your cleaning

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most well-known cleaning tools among the various cleaning tools. Vacuum cleaners are more convenient, faster, and cleaner than traditional brooms at cleaning garbage, so they are a dust removal item that almost every modern family will consider purchasing. So, what specifics should we consider when shopping for a vacuum cleaner? Is it true that if you buy an expensive one, you will get a good experience for the money? Let's discuss it further down!

Determine the vacuum cleaner type based on the cleaning environment.

It is not advisable to purchase expensive vacuum cleaners, but the key to purchasing vacuum cleaners is to select the appropriate type based on your cleaning requirements. We're all aware that vacuum cleaners come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including horizontal vacuum cleaners, upright vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners, and barrel vacuum cleaners.

Vertical vacuum cleaners

Horizontal vacuum cleaners currently account for more than 80% of the overall market in Asian and European markets, according to incomplete statistics, and are distinguished by their compact shape and ease of storage. Horizontal vacuum cleaners have a wide range of applications, including carpets, car cleaning, electrical appliances, and indoor home cleaning; therefore, if you want to multi-purpose, I recommend that you prioritize horizontal vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaners that stand upright

Upright vacuum cleaners are more common in the Americanwet and dry handheld vacuum cleaner market and are suitable for cleaning large areas of carpets, therefore, for those who have carpets at home, I think that upright vacuum cleaners are a good choice.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

One of the obvious advantages of handheld vacuum cleaners is their compact size, which makes them very easy to carry and use. Although it may seem less powerful and more "svelte" than horizontal vacuum cleaners, in my opinion, handheld vacuum cleaners are more than adequate for cleaning cars, keyboards, sofas, appliances and other environments.

Bucket vacuum cleaner

From the body of the barrel vacuum cleaner, we can find theThom Browne Kids HK shadow of the ancestor of vacuum cleaners a hundred years ago, this type of vacuum cleaner is characterized by large capacity, can absorb water, but the corresponding block is also relatively large, generally used by cleaning companies, hotels, office buildings, in the home environment, then, I do not recommend.


1, the pursuit of a multi-purpose friends, you can choose horizontal vacuum cleaner.

2、For multi-floor house ground, you can choose upright vacuum cleaner.

3, for sofas, keyboards and other furniture and appliances withqs world university rankings more small gaps, you can choose handheld vacuum cleaners.

4、For big environment such as company and office building, non-barrel vacuum cleaner is the best.



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