Hair removal full strategy, cheap and convenient method of research are here with us

and other products

One, shaving type

Advantages: easy to operate, no pain, cheap

Disadvantages: short duration, hair growth fast.

Razor is a relatively easy to operate hair removal tools, I wonder how many times the fairy first dermes hairlesshair removal, is stealing dad's razor mom's eyebrow trimmer? The razor is easy to use, no allergies, quick hair removal, and fast growth, two or three days later it will grow to the naked eye and feel especially tingly. Hairy dolls may require shaving every day.

Second, there is hair removal cream.

Advantages: low cost, no pain

Short duration, allergies are disadvantages.

The principle of hair removal cream is to dissolve the hair with mercapto part acetic acid (calcium), and then use the appropriate matching plastic scraper a scraper, suitable for large areas appear hair removal, will not scratch the surface of the skin cells.

In recent years, a large number of hair removal mousse, hair removal spray, and other products have appeared, with the same principle as hair removal cream. The disadvantage is that the hair removal cream's raw material medicine will stimulate the skin. When used by fairies with sensitive skin, they may cause itching and a red rash. As a result, it is recommended that sensitive muscle baby choose carefully the day before the first use of the local area for patch allergy test.

Three, beeswax hair removal removal wax paper

Benefits: long maintenance time

Disadvantages: very painful

The principle of wax paper hair removal and wax hair removal is the same, with wax attached to the end of the hair, dermespull out and tear off through the adhesion of the root. Hair removal is extremely clean, suitable for use on the extremities, and includes a razor, hair removal cream, and a longer maintenance time.

It's very cool to see but hair being uprooted, but it's also true! Pain! Ah!!! Beeswax hair removal has high requirements for the operator; if not fast and accurate enough, hair may break off in each pore, triggering the treatment of folliculitis, so the business is best not used directly in the armpit.

Four, tweezers hair removal

Advantages: more convenient than shaving and other methods of achieving the desired effect for an extended period of time

The disadvantages are that it is painful, time-consuming, and labor-intensive.

The so-called blunt knife cutting meat, fine tweezers plucking hair, which was also used in ancient times to punish, placed in modern times I not only actively try, but also for the blood and sweat.

Although plucking hair with tweezers is a little painful, the effect is very good as long as the hand is fast enough to avoid too much pain, because it is a very small pain point.

Lastly, ice point hair removal.

Benefits: long hair removal effect

Disadvantages: costly?

The principle of selective photothermal dynamics underpins ice point hair removal. By reasonably adjusting the wavelength dermesand energy pulse width of the laser, the laser can reach the hair follicle at the root of the hair through the skin surface. Light energy is absorbed and converted into heat energy, which destroys hair follicle tissue and causes the legs to lose their ability to regenerate and remove hair. Usually, you won't have to worry about your hair after a course of treatment.


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