Is it better to be a sweeper robot or a handheld vacuum cleaner?

Floor area is the largest

The competition between sweeper robots and cordless vacuums is always discussed and many consumers are left with the question, is it possible to choose one and not have to buy the other? And still have a large budget left? If so, which one would you choose?

In fact, wireless vacuum cleaners and floor robots are not competing against each other, best wet and dry cordless vacuum cleanernor is it true that if you have one you don't have to buy the other. Even contrary to the expectations of many consumers, the two are an excellent complementary relationship that can help consumers save a lot of time and effort if they can have both on a sufficient budget.

We teachers can look at the pros and cons of both based on first.

Floor sweeper

The benefits are self-explanatory and hands-free. Floor area is the largest part of cleaning time in a family's life. If the entire floor needs to be cleaned and mopped again then it could be anything from half an hour to over an hour, or it could be exhausting. If their backs and limbs are not in such good condition, it can give a person a "broken back" feeling. The sweeping robot itself can easily free your hands and sweep the ground, and with the development of technology today, it is not inconceivable that a sweeping robot can mop the floor, or even automatically change the water and wash the mop, which will allow consumers to really feel the development of the times and save themselves a lot of time and energy.

And the disadvantage can be equally obvious, that is, we can only clean and clean the floor as well as the area. Various market crevices, hygiene management dead ends, etc. are not a disc-shaped sweeping robot technology can pass involved, not to mention areas such as fabric Extendable Curtain Tracksofas, bed bedding, windowsill crevices and even ceiling corners.

Cordless vacuum cleaners

The biggest advantage of a cordless vacuum cleaner is not really one that allows consumers to save time and energy at work - or rather, helping student consumers is actually its second advantage for improving the efficiency of corporate cleaning production and saving a lot of time and energy. Its biggest advantage lies in the ability to adapt to multiple scenarios.

With different brush head configurations, there are many places that can be cleaned by a cordless vacuum cleaner, such as the fabric sofa and window sill crevices mentioned above. With the development of technology today, brush head configurations such as mite removal brushes, long tubes and roller brushes have long been nothing new. With manual manipulation and a variety of head configurations, a cordless vacuum cleaner can clean up almost any scene in your home.

The downside is also obvious: it doesn't free your hands to make consumers feel relaxed.

After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of both, we can see that the combination of a cordless solar blindvacuum cleaner and a cleaning robot should be the best choice for family life in the face of modern technological advances. Cleaning the floor with a robot and cleaning up the hygiene corners with a cordless vacuum cleaner is a good complementary relationship, and if you can have both, then it is actually a very good choice.

But if you don't have enough budget to choose only one of the words, then the more recommended or cordless vacuum cleaner. While it can't free its hands of what a robot can do, it can do a lot of things that a robot can't do.


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