Lift curtain fabric so that it is installed on the right-hand side-Molden curtains

Lift curtain fabric so that it is installed on the right-hand side-Molden curtains

Lifting curtain fabric installed in this manner is correct-Mold curtain fabric

A type of curtain fabric is lifting curtain fabric. Lifting curtain fabric is more economical and practical because it uses less material and is relatively simple to manufacture. Some lead strips on the reverse side of the lining can make the hanging curtain fabric appear more straight, but it also protects the main curtain fabric by increasing heat insulation, sound insulation, and dustproof performance. Spreading liftingRoller Shade curtain shape, relatively simple production, suitable for study, kitchen, and washing room window decoration, relatively beautiful and generous.

There are many different types of lifting curtain fabric. Fabric Roman blinds, wooden blinds, aluminum blinds, PVC blinds, Korean soft curtains, Shangri-La curtains, sunshade roller blinds, and so on are examples.

Morden curtain fabric manufacturer

In general, there are top-mounted and side-mounted dual function lifting curtain installation slots.

Lifting curtains look best when installed inside. However, for internal installation, you must ensure that the window is open or sliding. And the embedded window sill requires more than 10 centimeters into the depth of oh.

Morden curtain fabric manufacturer

There is no requirement for the window curtain stylesopening for lift curtain external installation, but the top needs to set aside about 25 to 40 cm installation position, depending on the height of your curtains, the greater the height, the more space is required to close. To ensure that the curtain fabric does not interfere with the lighting or the opening and closing of the window.

Morden curtain fabric manufacturer

Lifting curtain fabric is more convenient to use, and you can steal a lazy relaxation when appropriate, so it appears that installing lifting curtain fabric is also a good choice.

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