The Way of Window Decorating: From Privacy to Aesthetics, Eight Steps to the Perfect Home Curtains

protect privacy

First, protect privacy

The biggest purpose of curtains is to protect privacy, and should never be favored or sacrificed because of the style of curtains. Different interior areas have different degrees of privacy requirements. For example, the living room such as the public activity area, the requirements for privacy is relatively low,solar blind most of the living room will pull open the curtains, so the curtains in the living room mainly play a decorative role; for bedrooms, bathrooms and other private areas, people not only ask not to see, and even ask not to see the shadow, which requires the consumer to choose different curtains need to consider the differences in privacy in various areas. If the living room can choose some tilted transparent curtains, while the bedroom should choose some material thicker curtains.

Second, the use of light

The function of curtains to protect privacy is realized by barrier light.roller blind Effective and reasonable use of light will make the room light and dark, expanding the room space. The bedroom on the first floor with tilted sheer curtains is easy to be seen in the interior, the use of thicker material curtains and will affect the natural lighting,

Third, decorate the wall

Curtains are the biggest decoration on the walls of most rooms. Especially "four white floor" flat room, in addition to some picture frames, wall decoration may be left on the curtains. So the style of curtains often plays a decisive role in the entire interior space; for the hardcover room, and the decoration of the curtains will make the room present a unified style, more reflective of the atmosphere of the home.

Fourth, sound absorption and noise reduction

Window glass enterprise for a high sound reflectivity is quite high, the material thicker curtains, can absorb the noise mainly from outside,motorized roller blind but also can effectively enhance the reverberation effect of our indoor, conducive to the students to improve the sound of China's indoor as well as the environment.

Fifth, style unity

The color of curtains, style and the main style of the home has countless links. The main requirement for curtain selection is to combine with the main style of the home. The material, color and style of the curtains should match the overall style of the bedroom. On the one hand, it is necessary to consult the interior designer in order to make the curtains and the design style of the bedroom complement each other.

Sixth, the use of materials

There are many kinds of curtain materials on the market today, such as cotton, glass silk, lace, bamboo fiber and so on. The choice of different materials is mainly based on the specific purpose and overall decoration style. If it is for sun protection, you should choose man-made fibers or blended fibers, hard texture, easy to wash and durable, strong sunshade; if you want to create a feeling of elegance and freshness, you can choose glass silk, lace and other soft materials, but these materials are poorer shading; if you use it in the bedroom, you have to combine the two, both reflecting the overall style of the bedroom, but also to protect the bedroom's privacy; if the overall style of the home decoration is relatively simple If the overall style of home decoration is relatively simple, you can use some cotton curtains.

Seven, color matching

The color of the curtains should be in harmony with the color of the entire bedroom. Generally speaking, the color of the curtains should be deeper than the color of the wall, such as light blue walls, curtains can be teal, or blue flowers on a white background for curtains, light yellow transparent yarn for curtains. Generally white and beige curtains will be more coordinated with any wall and can be used universally. Color matching must also consider the size and use of the room. Compact bedrooms are suitable with light-colored curtains, which is conducive to the expansion of the sense of space; spacious rooms can choose dark curtains, which help to reduce loneliness and emptiness. Bedroom curtains can choose some simple and elegant, serene colors; living room curtains are generally used in dark colors, both solemn and generous and easy to create a warm, amiable atmosphere; newlywed families can choose brightly colored curtains for the bedroom to increase the festive atmosphere indoors; easy to choose red, black curtains to rest and sleep; moody, easy to get excited about people, suitable for the use of light blue, light green and other calm Color curtains. The choice of curtain color also needs to pay attention to the change of seasons. Generally speaking, summer should use cool shades, make people feel clean and cool; winter is replaced by warm colors, look warm and friendly.

Eight, curtain measurement

When people buy curtains, they often only refer to the length and width of the window itself. In fact, this method is not accurate. Reasonable measurement method should be:Measure the width and height of the home window, if there is a curtain box above the window, the measurement of the width and height should be measured from the inside of the curtain box; if there is a window frame around the window, the window size should be measured from the outer edge of the window frame. A basic rule is to measure from the curtain rod and calculate the length of the hooks, not from the top edge of the window. The length of the curtains should extend beyond the window sill, and how much should be determined by the overall style of the room. In general, curtains that are long enough to reach the floor give the space a more formal look and emphasize the presence of a small window in that space.

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