How to improve the authority of the website? 10 ways to improve website authority


The most important goal of SEO website optimization work is to increase the weight of the website. The greater the weight of a website, the greater the authority search engines give to the website.

The weight of the website plays a certain role in improving the ranking, thereby cultivating the weight of the website and improving the keyword ranking.

How to increase the authority of your website?google seo course singapore 10 ways to increase the authority of your website

1. Set preferred domain

A homepage has at least two domain names, such as and In order to ensure the weight of the website,google seo optimization guide correctly setting the preferred domain name can make the PR value of the website more concentrated and accurate.

2.URL standardization

The homepage of a corporate website often needs to be accessed through different URLs in the following aspects.seo agency singapore When a management page has multiple URLs, you only need to determine which URL points to the page. We will use our URL to correspond to this system page in the future. URL standardization concentrates all indicator weights (external links and internal links) on one URL.

3. Stable content updates

Update content step by step, and increase the weight of the site through a large amount of high-quality content.

4. Targeted anchor text within the site

By making site anchor text on each inner page and directing it to the home page, the weight of the site will be concentrated on the home page, and the weight of the home page will naturally increase.

5. Breadcrumb navigation

The structure of the website is breadcrumbs, users know where they are through breadcrumbs, and the user's experience is enhanced through search engine crawling, thereby increasing the ranking and weight of the website.

6. One-sentence navigation

Set up a sentence navigation in the footer of the website, which needs to contain three keywords and set the anchor text to point to the home page.

7. Station within the station

Under one main domain name, there are multiple website information systems displaying their own content in different cultural forms at the same time. This can help increase the weight of the website by increasing the richness and collection of the main content of the website.

8. Friendly links

The homepage of a website has the highest proportion of weight, and generally all links are on the homepage. Sites with high weight and high traffic become friend links, which can bring a lot of traffic to the site.

9. High-quality one-way links

If you have the resources, you can make one-way links to the website through portals and large websites that have been operating for a long time, which will be of great help in increasing the weight of the website.

10.301 or old domain name

It means that there is a high-authority site in the past, but you don’t want to create a new domain name through 301. The new domain name can achieve high authority in a short time.

Purchasing an old domain name is a faster way to increase the authority of your website.

By setting up the website structure, website main content, website keyword development planning and layout, etc., the weight of the corporate website can be effectively increased.


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