The richness of words is the richness of thought. How to enhance your "power to put into words"


To you who can not verbalize well

I can't express my thoughts well. My head is confused and confused. Don't you have trouble like this? By enhancing your "ability to put into words", you can express exactly what you think, and you can organize your thoughts and clear your mind.

This time, in addition to specific methods to enhance the "power to put into words", we will also introduce ready-to-use expressions and useful dictionaries.

Practice from today! How to improve the ability to put into words

In order to increase the "power to put into words", it is basic to increase the input and output. It is often said that "reading a book", but that is not all. Practicing the four steps of "thinking", "collecting", "examining", and "using" every day enhances your "power to put into words".

(1) Thinking

The basis of words is to think with your own head. It makes the vague image and the thought in the head into the form of the word. "Why?" "Why?" It is a good training to think deeply about things.

(2) Collect

It is a net when it comes to information gathering, but paper books are recommended to collect words. Because information is not too much and meta information is included, it is easy to settle in memory. It is also good to leave the words caught in the antenna, such as TV, radio, signs and catch copies in the city, in a notebook or memo.

(3) Find out

If you come across a word you don't know, make a habit of drawing a dictionary on the spot. It is also important to have a subtle, different nuance of words or interest. If it is a net, you can look it up anytime, anywhere, and if it is a paper dictionary, you can mark it and leave it.

(4) Use

Don't worry about your poor language, try to use it more and more on SNS and the like. If you're worried about the public eye, you may want to try it with a diary, a notebook, or a reading notebook. If you also take into conversation and do the amount, you will be able to improve faster.

I can use it from today! A language lesson that shows feelings

To improve the ability to put into words means that you will be able to express yourself in detail. In particular, the more words that express feelings, the more accurately you can understand your thoughts and the deeper you understand them. Here, we use the emotional expressions that are common in everyday life as examples, so please refer to them.

Words that express positive feelings

Words that express positive feelings are something that I want to use positively without being too wasteful. It is more positive to use colorful expressions than to use one-patterned language.

I'm glad

→ Loose cheeks, face to smile, dreamy, flotation, exciting, rising to heaven


→ Heart-warming, cheerful, fully satisfied, can be seen, heard, peaceful, cheerful

Thank you

→ Be indebted, not to be hard, thanks to you, grateful, happy, awe-awe

Words when the heart moves

When you are surprised, see something unusual, or move your heart, you can say, "I want to share this excitement!" I'm sure you'll think. If you can express yourself richly in such a case, you will be able to convey your emotions more vividly.


→ Pleasant, intriguing, heart-drawn, humorous, spooky, uplifting


→ Adorable, pretty, beautiful, dazzling, neat, beautiful eyebrows, doesn't hurt to put in your eyes


→ Wonderful, extraordinary, god-like, outstanding, unparalleled, remarkable

Words that express negative feelings

There's nothing better than no negative feelings, but it's never gone. If you can express your hard feelings in a more detailed way, you will be able to deal with them calmly and solve them appropriately without being swayed by emotions.


→ Get upset, indignated, infuriating, irritated, annoying, boiling over


→ Heart-wrenching, heart-wrenching, painful, unseagible, sad, sad

It's hard

→ Bitter, chest-tightened, heart-breaking, heart-breaking, broken bones

Items that enhance the "power to put into words" that you want to put near

In order to enhance the "power to put into words", a dictionary is an indispensable item. If it is a dictionary, there might be a lot of people who already have it. The dictionaries presented here only increase the variation of words and develop richer vocabulary. As a dictionary of plus alpha, there is no loss to have one book.


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