Ah... "slipped disk", and right after that, a trick to help you move through the pain


Suddenly, one day, severe pain strikes a person with a slipped back. Everyone who has experienced it thinks, "I don't want that pain to happen again. However, the truth is that some people suffer from a slipped back two or three times, or have back pain that was triggered by a slipped back. Many people develop a chronic condition.

It is important to respond immediately after the onset of lumbar pain in order to avoid having back pain," says the University of Tokyo. Hiroshi Matsudaira, a specially appointed professor at the School of Medicine Hospital. Based on his experience in researching and examining patients with low back pain, Matsudaira believes that "exercise is more beneficial than rest" for low back pain, and that it is possible to reduce the risk of back pain with "exercise". He has focused on the "strong influence of psychological stress" and has been successful in improving chronic back pain. In this article, we asked him about how to deal with the immediate aftermath of a slipback.

What is a slipped back?

A limp is when you try to lift a heavy load unprotected or pick up something you've dropped on the floor. It often happens when you sneeze or cough.

People today spend a lot of time at the computer or checking their smartphones, which can cause them to hunch over or they tend to be in a hunched over position. The intervertebral discs between the fourth (L4) and fifth (L5) of the lumbar spine (L4/5 discs) are unprotected. Just by bending forward, the load (200 kg weight) is enough to lean on a 200 kg object. (Mr. Matsudaira)

Lifting things in that state or sneezing and bending over momentarily puts even more strain on the lower back. The nucleus pulposus of the discs can become displaced significantly, damaging the fiber ring. That's a typical slip back," says Matsudaira.

"I call the strain on the L4/5 discs, primarily associated with hunched or stooped posture, 'back pain debt,' there are. Two "major accidents" as a result of debt accumulation are slipped backs and herniated discs [Note 1]. To prevent accidents from occurring, it is important to improve your posture and avoid accumulating debt, and to pay off the debts that have accumulated. It is important to see you can pay off the debt accumulated by bending over in a forward position by bending your hips back (see my previous article). Please refer to the "3-second exercise to solve back pain debt accumulated at desk work".

Rest is not the way to go, even if it hurts.

'Because of the intense pain of a back injury, it's easy to panic, especially when it's the first time. 'Immediately after it occurs, you can certainly get freaked out and can't move, but once you settle in, you can move surprisingly well. There are not a few cases. First of all, calm yourself down, and when you come back to a normal state of mind, you can do the "Slipped Back Exercise" and the "Slipped Back Exercise" as much as you can. Try 'leg raises'. Doing these may help you get through the pain and speed up your recovery," says Matsudaira. (e.g. "I'll be back")

[1] A slipped back is when the nucleus pulposus has been displaced, damaging the ring of fibers. In a herniated disc, the nucleus pulposus has been further displaced and protruded outward from the fiber ring, irritating the nerve. Condition.

'Slip and fall exercises'

(1) Lie on your face and relax, taking deep breaths for about 3 minutes.

(2) If you have a pillow or cushion, tuck it under your chest and breathe deeply for another three minutes.

(3) Keep your elbows to the floor and take a deep breath for three minutes.

(4) Slowly stretch your elbows with your arms and gradually sit down until you feel aching and comfortable. Inverted; hold for 5-10 seconds and then return to the original position. Repeat 10 times.

(5) If possible, try to bend your hips as far as you can go, exhaling slowly, just a few times, if possible. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds.


If you feel a temporary pain when you bend over, the pain is lessened when you return to your prone position No problem. However, if the pain resonates from your hips to your thighs, abort!

If you can do it on your own, but if you're able to do it, it's better to do the leg raises I'll show you next. Effective.

Leg raises.

(1) Get on all fours and straighten your back. Adjust your knees so that they are slightly in front of your hip joint.

(2) Raise your left leg up to waist level, hold for 10 seconds and then return to the original position. Repeat for the right leg. Repeat on both sides.

[Key Points]

If you have pain on either side, kneel on the painful side and repeat on one side only.

If you can't do it, don't force yourself to do it, but if you can, do the leg raises and then do the hips. Gymnastics is more effective because it loosens up the muscles in your back.

It's important to think that it's okay to move it.

After reading up to this point, those who have experienced a slipped disk must be thinking, "I can do exercises in the middle of that pain? "Exercise in the middle of that pain? It's impossible. A lot of people would have been too busy zipping around looking for an easier position to get into. Some might have thought, "Maybe I should call an ambulance or something, or go to the hospital right away. It might.

For example, it doesn't hurt if you don't move, and the attitude of 'it's easier if you do this' is clear. If there is one [Note 2], there is no rush to the hospital. The pain of a lumbar spine, for example, can be caused by an injury or inflammation created when the nucleus pulposus of the disc slips back . The "Slipped Back Exercise" reverses this, so that when you're stuck, you can move a little more. Think of it as a back-up technique. The trick is to be as relaxed as possible so that the muscles in your back, buttocks and legs don't get tense. (Mr. Matsudaira)

[2] If there is a definite posture of comfort, the patient is considered to have slipped back, but there is no posture of comfort. If the tingling persists for a period of time, it may be due to another disease, such as fractures, cancer metastases, or infectious spondylitis. Seek medical attention as it is considered painful.

What does it mean for leg raises?

"If you do a leg raise focusing on the so-called Tanden area about 5 cm below your navel, you will be able to get to the inner muscles. Certain transverse abdominal and multifidous muscles work, and in conjunction with them, the erector spinal muscle, the outer muscle, is relaxed. When you have pain from a back injury, the outer muscles are tense. This tension is also the cause of the pain, so leg raises work to relieve the pain," says Matsudaira. (e.g. "I'll be back")

Slipped hips tend to rest because it hurts when moved, but the pain of slipped hips worsens if left untreated. There's basically no chance that this will happen or that something bad will happen to your body, so if you move it, you'll be able to. There's no problem. Rather, if you cover your lower back and don't move it, the muscles in your lower back and back become tense, blood flow is reduced, and fatigue substances The painful substances will increase due to the accumulation of

In a study that compared working people who "rested" after a lumbar spine with those who "moved as much as they could, they were less likely to have prolonged pain and a lower recurrence rate of slipping back if they moved as much as they could, according to the study. The current medical guidelines for back pain in Western countries and Japan are designed to prevent the recurrence of worrisome conditions such as slipping backs. He says rest is not recommended for acute back pain without disease.

'If your back pain is severe, you can't afford to miss work for the day or the next day or so, but pain is medication. And do whatever chores you might be able to do, such as housework, as you normally would. You don't need to be bedridden and resting. International guidelines say that for general acute back pain without a worrying illness such as a slipped back, "many of them are reported to have slept for up to two days at most," said Matsudaira.

Hernia and bone deformities aren't always the cause of pain.

After going to the orthopedic surgeon for a lumbar back and having an X-ray, the doctor, while looking at the images, told me that the discs Have you ever been told something like, "You've lost weight" or "You have thorns in your bones"? Some of you may have been worried about what to do if the situation gets any worse. Is it unnecessary to treat a worn out disc or bone spine?

The imaging is done to differentiate between a slipped back and other diseases, and it can be used to check for bone deformities (spines) and it is common to find a slight misalignment or a slight herniated disc. Most are age-related changes, like gray hair and wrinkles. These are not necessarily associated with back pain. Incidentally, about 80% of people between the ages of 40 and 59 years old and 90% of people over 60 years old have disc abnormalities, even if they do not have back pain. There is a famous paper that says that this was done [Note 3]" (Matsudaira).

It's natural for middle-aged and older people to have bone and disc abnormalities. They don't have to worry too much, she says. Rather, stress from worry and fear can affect the brain, which can amplify and prolong back pain," he says. It is important not to overly worry or be too scared about back pain or age-related changes. Stay calm and think 'it's okay to move it', do exercises and get back to your daily life as soon as possible. You can do that." (Matsudaira)

In this article, I'm going to show you a "back-up" technique to help you get somewhat mobile when you get a slip back and can't move. I did, but next time, I'll tell you whether you need painkillers, poultices and corsets after a slip back, and whether you need back pain caused by the brain" and "Daily living techniques to prevent back pain and slip back" are explained.


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