Will lubricant be harmful to both parties in the relationship between husband and wife? It’s best for men and women to understan


1. What are the effective ingredients contained in lubricants?

Currently, there are three main Lubricant(潤滑劑) types of lubricants on the market: water-based, silicon-based and oil-based.

1. Water-based lubricants

Its main ingredients are water, glycerin, etc., which are well soluble and receptive to the body. Among the three types, it has the best safety. It can be used with condoms and sex toys. It is also easy to clean, but its durability is relatively poor. Because it is easy to volatilize, it will not be effective in 15 minutes, and it needs to be added halfway.

2. Silicon-based lubricant

Silicon-based lubricants are very popular because they bring a velvety silky feel, are slightly more expensive, and have good durability. Generally, they do not need to be used for a second time. They are also waterproof, so they are suitable for use in showers or hot baths. People with allergies, skin allergies or sensitive people can also use it with confidence, but it should be noted that although it can be used with latex condoms, it cannot be used with silicone toys and is difficult to remove from the fabric.

3. Oil-based lubricants

Its biggest advantage is that it is more durable, but it is economically difficult to clean, and it will make the condom easy to dissolve, which may affect the rupture and reduce the safety.

At present, most of the lubricants sold in my country are water-based lubricants. In this case, the lubricants produced by regular manufacturers are all edible grades, which will not harm the body's development and can be used with more confidence.

2. Pay attention to these points when using a lubricant

In the process of using lubricants, there are some things we should pay attention to.

·Oil-based lubricants can avoid the use of condoms

Because oil-based lubricants increase the wear of the condom, make the condom more likely to break, and cause the condom to lose its function during use, so you should avoid using oil-based lubricants when using condoms. It can only be used at an early stage, or consider other forms Of birth control pills such as birth control pills.

·Don't buy three no products

For things like lubricants, because they are used in delicate parts, they have higher requirements for safety. When buying, you must buy regular brands, and do not buy Sanwu products without quality assurance.

Don’t buy scented lubricants

There are quite a few flavorful lubricants on the market, but we'd better choose them carefully, because they may cause allergies. For learning things like lubricants, the simpler, the safer, and the colorless and odorless is the best.

·Lubricants also have a shelf life

Lubricants also have a shelf life, so you should pay attention to the date when buying, and do not use expired products to avoid adverse effects.


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