What are the functions and advantages of takeaway ordering?

The function of takeaway ordering

1. Comparison of different catering business(網購優惠), convenient for different grades of meals for comparison of choice, to do in mind.

2. From the Internet can be more intuitive understanding of the restaurant to carry out information, arbitrarily choose through their children's favorite dishes.

3. Advance booking, to avoid the embarrassment of waiting for a long time to order on the take-out staff at the peak of the dining hours.

Takeaway ordering

4. Enrich the traditional meal ordering mode, to achieve "telephone booking take-out", "online booking take-out" two modes, each with its own characteristics!

5. Lead a new development of the concept of spending power, ordering and spending to get points! Get beautiful gifts!

6. Powerful search engine, so that consumers quickly choose the preferred restaurant! Really realize the take-away meal ordering to save time, effort and heart.

The advantages of takeaway ordering mode

1、Convenient and fast

The emergence of takeaway ordering mode makes dining more convenient and fast. In the cell phone can be ordered at any time, anywhere, find the attached merchants and choose the favorite food, and then online payment can be. The whole process takes only a few minutes to complete.

2、Variety of food

If you order by take-out, you can choose through the free market. A wide variety of special food products are available, eliminating the pain of finding a restaurant and solving the problem of inconsistent tastes.

Takeaway ordering

3、Cheap price

Friends who use takeaway ordering should have experienced that the price is affordable, generally new users can receive special gift packages upon registration. At the same time, the takeaway ordering platform merchants often have a lot of promotional activities, only through the platform to order food can enjoy the benefits.

4、Online payment

General take-out ordering management mode support Alipay, WeChat two different payment services, and even some can also support the payment of flowers, so that users eat first after consumption.


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