12 Steps to Fried Chicken Wings, you too can learn to make the food


300g medium wings, 15g New Orleans marinade, (無激素雞翼)25g corn oil, 5g corn starch, 1 egg, bread crumbs, half a bowl


1、Prepare all the ingredients.

2, first, the middle section of the chicken wings soak off the blood, drain the water, use a knife to cut a picture, to facilitate the marinade to taste.

3、Add New Orleans marinade and half of the corn oil to the chicken wings.

4. Mix, and mix well, marinate for one hour.

5. After preheating the air pan at 200 degrees, remove the air pan basket and brush with the remaining half of the oil.

6: Place the chicken wings in it and fry the cut side first.

7、Air fryer 200 degrees, first fry for five minutes, the wings can be surface of the marinade moisture frying dry, in order to better dip the egg and bread crumbs.

8. put the eggs into the corn starch and beat until smooth.

9. Dip the middle part of the chicken wings into the egg mixture. 10.

10. Add another layer of bread crumbs.

11. Place back into the air fryer basket and lightly brush with a thin layer of corn oil.

12: Add to the pan, because the wings are large, so I fried them for a second time for 12 minutes until cooked. If the chicken wings can be more moderate in size, the second 10 minutes will be enough.

This time I chose a slightly larger wings, so the frying time increased by a few minutes, if the size is appropriate, 12-15 can.

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In an effort to attract more health-conscious customers, McDonald's USA announced on Wednesday that it will begin using chicken produced without certain antibiotics and selling milk from cows not treated with an artificial growth hormone.

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Protein from non-animal sources like beans and pulses, as well as from sources like fish and eggs, can all be included in a healthy, balanced diet. Protein-rich meats include chicken, pork, lamb, and beef. We get iron, zinc, and B vitamins from red meat. One of the main dietary sources of vitamin B12 is meat.

Which is better for chicken wings, baked or fried?

The head of the UCI Health Weight Management Program, dietician Katie Rankell, asserts that baked chicken wings are a healthier option to fried ones. She points out that two pieces of regular fried wings include 309 calories, 21 grams of fat, and more than 1,000 milligrams of sodium.

Does chicken cause insulin to spike?

Blood sugar management First things first, very lean types of protein like chicken breast will cause an insulin spike, and controlling your blood sugar levels is the first step in losing weight.

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Pizza, however, contains more sodium, fat, and carbohydrates. A lower glycemic index is found in pasta. It has a longer shelf life and is less expensive. Pizza is less healthy than pasta.


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