Hong Kong was a cute treasure trove! 10 Best Spots & Cafes for Women's Travel

Hong Kong was a cute treasure trove! 10 Best Spots & Cafes for Women's Travel

Hong Kong has recently gained popularity as a travel destination for women's travel. It's also attractive to be able to travel from Tokyo on a four-and-a-half-hour flight early and at a relatively low price. In fact, there are a lot of cute spots and cafes in Hong Kong! This time I would like to introduce a cute spot that I want to go on such a Hong Kong women's trip. (Note that the information is as of the time of publication of the article.) We recommend that you check the details in advance on the official website.

Table of Contents of this summary article

(1) Barista By Gives

(2) Agnes B. Cafe L.P.G.

(3) Goldfish Street

(4) Flower Market

(5) yum cha

(6) Hong Kong Disney Resort

(7) Coffee specialty store (Charlie Brown Cafe)

(8) Vivienne Westwood Cafe

(9) Eck & Bolio's

(10) Lady M

I want to go on a trip to Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is a popular tourist destination in Asia that can be reached by about four and a half hours from Tokyo. There are many high-rise buildings in Hong Kong, which is being developed, and Victoria Peak's "million-dollar night view" is very famous, isn't it?

The neon town is also one of the charms of Hong Kong. There are night markets such as women's streets and men's streets with many individual shops, and it is a city that does not sleep a lot until late at night. The retro streets of Hong Kong lined with many signboards, the night view woven by high-rise buildings. Hong Kong is an urban tourist destination with a variety of charms that make you feel nostalgic.

Of course, delicious food is also essential for travel to Hong Kong, isn't it? There are many delicious shops in the city where local people go, not to mention dim sum and small basket packages. In Hong Kong, there are still a lot of fashionable, sophisticated, and very cute spots. I want to introduce a cute spot that I want to go on such a women's trip this time.

The first thing I would like to introduce is "Barista By Gives". It is a shop in Hong Kong Central area with wall art that has been a hot topic on a recent trip to Hong Kong. In this shop, you can get a very cute gelato as much as wall art.

"What is this?" This gelato like a beautiful rose that seems to utter a voice involuntarily. Just looking at it is colorful, and the tension goes up, doesn't it? It hesitates to eat involuntarily. It is also a point of interest that wall art is drawn firmly in the appearance of the shop. Both the specialty and the coffee are excellent, so why don't you try it together?

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The second is "Agnes B. Cafe L.P.G." (Agniesbe Cafe). Agnieszka is a fashion brand that is gaining worldwide popularity, and there are many shops in Hong Kong, including the airport of Agnes B. Cafe L.P.G. It is a very fashionable café that I often see when I walk in the streets of Hong Kong.

The stylish appearance reminiscent of Paris makes you forget that you are in Asia. The cake of the very cute bear and the coffee cup with the brand logo is perfect for instant shine. Because there are goods limited to the café, it is recommended as a souvenir. If you find it in the streets of Hong Kong, I'd love to stop by once.

The third is the goldfish market, a photogenic area with a lot of attention. As you can guess from the name, there are goldfish shops on this street as far as the eye can see.

This street reminds Japanese people of goldfish scooping on the day of the wedding. The unique way of selling goldfish in each bag hanging in the store is perfect for feeling a "sly feeling" in Hong Kong in the hot summer. It is lit up at night, and a fantastic figure tickles the girl's heart again. Because there is a shop of the photography NG, please be careful.

The fourth is the Flower Market. As the name suggests, this flower market is a market where many flowers are sold. The sight of flower shops lined up on the 300m road "Flower Market Road" is a masterpiece.

And the coolness of this market is that the price is cheap and there are rare kinds of flowers. The spot where colorful bouquets gather is a popular photo spot of Insta. This is also recommended for people who usually have few opportunities to touch flowers in Japan.

The fifth is a restaurant called yum cha. There are shops in the area of Tsim Sha Tsui, a district where you can find a large shopping mall and a large shopping mall in Hong Kong Island. It's a restaurant in a place that's not for sightseeing in Hong Kong, so you might want to visit it once during your stay.

And, it is a very pretty dim sum that cannot be removed in this shop after all. Colorful dim sum with eyes and dim sum in the shape of animals are popular products. It's a mess to eat, isn't it? Not to mention the appearance, the taste is very delicious.

The sixth is "Hong Kong Disney Resort". It is one of the Disney resorts in the world, and there is only one park, and the scale is comparatively small. However, there are a lot of cute spots that Disney in Japan does not have in the park.

You can have your name included in Duffy's year for Hong Kong Disneyland for free. There is also a cute food menu that can't be tasted at Disney in Japan, such as ice cream and donuts. The popular area "Toy Story Land" is full of very cute photo spots, and it is an irresistible spot.

The fifth is "Coffee "Charlie Brown Cafe". Snoopy's café is also available in Japan, but Charlie Brown Cafe is the only place in the world. The very cute Charlie Brown latte art makes me feel a lot of fun to drink.

In addition, it is also attractive that nice ingenuity such as cute illustrations and figures of Snoopy is applied not only to the audience seats such as tables but also everywhere in the store. It's an irresistible spot for Snoopy lovers, isn't it? It's close to the train station in the center of the city, so you might want to stop by for a break from sightseeing.

The eighth is Vivienne Westwood Cafe. As everyone knows, the world's most famous brand of Vivienne Westwood cafés is in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Taiwan. Hong Kong has shops in the Fashion Walk, a shopping mall in the Causeway Bay area.

It's like a British fashion brand café, and there's also an afternoon tea menu. The café latte with the logo of the tableware and the brand of the check which seems to be Vivian is very cute, isn't it? You can enjoy a dream time at a famous brand café.

The ninth is "Emac & Bolio's". It is a popular ice cream shop from the United States, but it is a very popular shop among tourists in Hong Kong when you can eat very cute and photogenic soft serve ice cream.

Choose your favorite cone from one with colorful cereal, and choose a flavor from many different types. There are a lot of cute spots in the shop that are perfect for shooting with ice cream, such as cute wall illustrations. It's very hot in Hong Kong in the summer, so it's a good idea to take a walk around the city with delicious ice cream.

The last thing I would like to introduce is "Lady M". It is a popular cake boutique store in New York, USA, and has shops in Hong Kong in The Huge Shopping Mall of Tsim Sha Tsui, Harbour City. Including the milk crepe of the popular eye-catching product, several kinds of unique, cute, and elegant taste of the cake according to the season, etc. are of great attention.

And this "Lady M" is actually a management team in Japan. The very sophisticated design and taste attracted a lot of attention in New York and began to expand overseas. Tea time is going to be a special time to have a very cute cake decorated with petals in a simple and modern shop.

Hong Kong was a treasure trove of cute spots!

Hong Kong is a popular tourist destination in Asia that is close to Japan and is easily visited. As well as classic spots such as night view and Chinese food, there are more and more stylish cafes and sweets. Why don't you choose Hong Kong for your next women's trip?

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