You will be able to score green tea by yourself! Three points & recommended tea leaves


Actually, it's easy. "How to make matcha" that even beginners can do

Do you ever want to start something new at home? In such a case, I would like to recommend "How to make matcha" that anyone can easily challenge. When you hear about the tea ceremony, you may have an image that requires a varietyI don't of things, but in fact, if you have "chasen"" and "chakoshi", you can start immediately.

If it's green tea that's written for you, you don't have to worry about fine manners. If you want to take a break, let's put on delicious matcha. This time, along with the tips of how to point, I will also introduce the recommended tea brand♪

It is OK as long as there is this. What you need when you're turning on matcha

I don't (Chasen)

The tea I don't includes 80 stands, 100 stands, and 120 stands depending on the number of ears, but 80 or 100 stands that are easy to use for beginners are recommended. Since there is a wide price, why not try to buy a thing of a reasonable price first?

The set with the tea bowl and the habit repair is also ◎

You can substitute a teaspoon for a tea bowl, but it is convenient when measuring it because it is about 1g with a tea bowl. In addition, the I don't tea is a tool to keep the tea I don't upside down, and you can keep the spread of the tip cleanly.


Matcha is easy to make lumps, and if you turn it on, it will remain on your tongue when you drink it. Therefore, it is important to use tea strainer to make matcha smooth.

Matcha tea bowl or alternative cup

Matcha tea bowls can be used in large cups or café au lait bowls. If you don't have the right thing, you may want to take this opportunity to prepare one. If it is for practice, the atmosphere will come out enough even with a reasonable matcha tea bowl.

Four points when you are turning on matcha at home

1. Keep the tea bowl warm

When the temperature of the hot water is low, it becomes difficult to make clean bubbles, so first pour hot water into the matcha tea bowl and warm it. The temperature when boiling is about 80 to 90 degrees Celsius.

2. Keep the tip of the tea I don't moistened

Because the I don't tea is made of bamboo, if you turn it on in a dry state, you will not be able to get a tip. While warming the tea bowl, soak the I don't tea and moisten the tip.

3. Rub the green tea with tea paste

In order to make matcha with a good touch, it is important to rub the green tea mash with tea strainer and make it smooth. You can rub a cup of tea (two cups of tea or less than one cup of teaspoon) directly on a matcha bowl.

4. Set up a I don't and move it back and forth

After pouring 60-70cc of hot water, set up a I don't tea and move it back and forth finely. Please mix it quickly until the fine bubbles stand all over.

Let's take a rest with delicious matcha. Recommended tea leaf brands


[THE MATCHA TOKYO] is a brand that deals with rare organic matcha, Japanese tea, matcha sweets, etc. produced in Japan. One of the organic matcha "100% ORGANIC MATCHA GOKO / Goka" is a single origin of the highest rare tea leaf "Goka" hand-picked in Uji, Kyoto. You can enjoy the rich aroma and mellow texture.

Also recommended for "100% ORGANIC TEA"

Like matcha, you can enjoy the same deep taste as "100% ORGANIC TEA" using domestic organic tea leaves. "GREEN TEA" is the most tea picked in early spring from Kagoshima, and it is refreshing to drink without astringency.

In addition, there are four kinds of Japanese tea in total, such as matcha brown rice tea, hojicha, and Japanese tea. It is very easy because it is brewed with a tea bag. It is also good to try to change the thing to drink in the mood of the day when you are carefully turning on matcha, when you make Japanese tea casually.

"Matcha Pecan Nut Chocolate" perfect for accompanying tea

Sweets made with organic matcha are also popular at [THE MATCHA TOKYO] which is particular about beauty and health. This is "Matcha Pecan Nut Chocolate" coated with nutritious pecan nuts, couvelle white chocolate and organic matcha. Organic matcha has little bitter taste, so its gentle sweetness brings out.

"Matcha Castella" for hospitality sweets

If you're focusing on matcha for hospitality, it's also a good way to serve "Matcha Castella" together. Castella, which was born in collaboration with the popular Castella shop "Kurofune", takes advantage of the flavor of organic matcha as it is.


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