enterprise solutionsImprove enterprise operation capabilities at low cost and efficiently

enterprise solutionsImprove enterprise operation capabilities at low cost and efficiently

In the era of ever-changing information, companies cannot stick to the rules and cannot rely on a lot of manpower to improve their operational capabilities. This method not only requires a huge capital output, but is also likely to cause more mistakes. Business digitization can be achieved through SmarTone's enterprise solutions. Various cloud solutions help companies quickly improve operational efficiency in a short period of time, while at the same time ensuring that the company's important data is not leaked.

enterprise solutionsefficiency improvement tools

Efficiency improvement tools are designed to improve operating processes and increase productivity. In actual situations, companies may have different needs. This kind of enterprise solutions can be customized, select appropriate efficiency improvement tools, and do not need to pay an excessive amount of capital. Not to mention a lot of IT support, you can easily improve business efficiency in a short time. In the business market where every second counts, operating efficiency is extremely important if you want to get ahead of your competitors.

enterprise solutions for management optimization

SmarTone’s management solutions are designed to provide enterprises with more complete strategies and execution processes. Companies no matter how large or small they need to have complete management, and this set of solutions is specifically designed for enterprises of different sizes, which helps to improve the operating efficiency of enterprises and increase Business flexibility. Including the management of mobile devices, mobile call recording and the realization of cloud advantages, no additional investment is required to protect the interests of enterprises and their customers.

enterprise solutions to ensure cyber security

Enterprise and customer data security has always been valued. SmarTone's enterprise solutions can increase operational efficiency and improve management capabilities, as well as data leakage risks. To this end, SmarTone provides a complete set of network security solutions to protect corporate employees’ computers, networks, programs, and data, defend against online attacks, avoid data leakage problems and cause financial losses, and ensure that corporate businesses can operate normally. This comprehensive one-stop online security solution can effectively prevent digital attacks and provide security support for enterprises. Flexibility and innovation will unleash more potential for major companies to achieve digitalization.

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What are KPMG's enterprise solutions?

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Improve user productivity, system usability, and manageability, while reducing costs and streamlining information services across the business, with the help of the Enterprise Connectivity, Security & Modernization Solution (Integrated CAIL / Micro Focus Software).


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