How to relieve negative emotions in life often


Learn to forgive and forgive, not forgiving others is to drink poison yourself while wishing others to die. You will find that people who complain about others are those who do not know how to forgive, and when you complain about others, you feel that it is the responsibility of others. He harmed me, and only he can save me. When we complain that someone else is responsible for this, if he is not responsible, then this problem cannot be solved. So the result of complaining is more and more sadness, more and more interest in reinforcing your role as a victim. Forgiveness is for yourself and not for others. Forgiveness does not mean admitting that the other person is right, nor does it mean forgetting. Forgiveness only means one thing: not letting someone else's mistake become an obstacle in your life.


Release negative energy with exercise. When your mind is constantly thinking about the unpleasant things, negative emotions will always envelop you and leave you breathless. This time it is good to pull yourself out of this situation and go do some exercise. Exercise will allow you to burn off all the excess energy in your body and make you feel happy. If you did not have the foundation of exercise before, then start with a simple brisk walk, cycling, just half an hour a day, you will get a boost of positive energy. Some studies have found that the dopamine component inside the body is accelerated during exercise, and dopamine is a substance that can make people happy.


Give up worrying about the future, it is normal to think about the future, because it is a kind of planning for life, but excessive worrying may cause negative effects. For example, if it is clear that there is no shadow of things, or things that are many years away, to start worrying now is tantamount to overexerting yourself. It is recommended that you focus on the present moment and just concentrate on what is in front of you, and not think too much about the future. Because things change a lot in the future, you can not guess, now to think about it is just a waste of time. Each future is composed of countless today, do a good job today what should be done, is a good effort for the future.

Don't be a control freak, modern people think about the future a lot, always want to have a lot of control over their lives, but in fact we are lack of control over life, which will bring the consequences of more crazy. We are not the Creator, many people think that pay will definitely be rewarded, must be fair, others "should" how I, many of these "should" and "must" will make people Many of these "shoulds" and "musts" can make people very tired, because once you do not reach your "shoulds" and "musts", you will be very disappointed, very depressed and anxious. Words like "should" and "must" are not spoken by man, but by God. We cannot let life follow us, but we follow life. Let go of your control freak desires. Don't control everything, let them go, let nature take its course, and learn to make do.


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