Does the habit of drinking alcohol increase blood pressure? Decrease?


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[Question]: ["High blood pressure"] is said to apply to as many as 43 million people in Japan, and in fact, I am also closely associated with alcohol consumption, so, do people who drink alcohol every day have high blood pressure? Or will it be lower?

(1) High blood pressure

(2) Low blood pressure

(3) No change

Answers and Comments.

The correct answer is (1) High blood pressure.

Currently, there are an estimated 43 million people with high blood pressure in Japan. Among them, middle-aged men in particular should be careful. Blood pressure tends to increase with age, and among men, nearly 50% develop hypertension after the age of 50, and many readers are noted to have high blood pressure.

It is well known that taking too much salt raises blood pressure, but not only that, blood pressure is also closely related to alcohol consumption.

The director of Yokohama Workers' Accident Hospital, who is familiar with hypertension and heat shock: "There is no high blood pressure and no loss of lifestyle," says author Mimura Sato: "The relationship between alcohol and blood pressure is deep, and the more people who drink regularly, the higher it tends to be, and blood pressure increases in proportion to daily alcohol intake, which is This is common, regardless of race or alcohol."

Umemura says drinkers should be aware of their blood pressure and should not miss periodic blood pressure checks.

First, blood pressure increases with age, but men in their 50s have higher blood pressure at the same time as they work under stress. Alcoholics are especially likely to have high blood pressure in the future, even if they do not have it now.

Alcohol temporarily lowers blood pressure

In this way, if you continue to drink large amounts of alcohol every day, the risk of continued high blood pressure increases, but in fact, your blood pressure is temporarily lowered immediately after drinking.

"When alcohol is consumed, acetaldehyde (a metabolic product of alcohol) increases blood levels, which dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. In order to lower blood pressure and maintain it, the sympathetic nervous system may become active and the pulse rate may increase.


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