What are the advantages of pulp molded tableware


Due to the shortcomings of non-degradable polystyrene and biodegradable utensils difficulty in effective recycling, it has brought a lot of inconvenience to the processing technology.

After several years of hard work, the production technology, technology and equipment of pulp molded disposable tableware in my country have developed rapidly. Various hot and cold tableware have been developed, such as fast food boxes, various specifications of packaging materials, plates, plates and bowls, and various supermarket foods. Plate, vegetable and fruit plate. In terms of performance, it has fully satisfied the Chinese people's eating habits. You can use hot soup to add oil and water without leakage.

Since then, the development of the pulp molding industry has been able to grow rapidly and healthily on the land of China with the vitality of its environmentally friendly enterprises. By the late 1990s, it began to gradually move towards scale and industrialization. At present, environmentally friendly containers from nature are molded from pulp!

1. Full degradation of pulp molding and tableware

Herbal fibers in annual plants such as wheatgrass, sugarcane, reeds, and straws undergo pulping, grouting (or suction, fish paste), shaping, shaping (or shaping), trimming, selection, disinfection, and packaging. All raw materials are recyclable, and the physical pulping method has no black water and waste water.

Advantages of pulp molded tableware:

(1) The raw material is waste paper pulp or recycled straw fiber, such as wheat, reed, straw, bamboo, sugar cane, palm, etc. The source is wide, the price is low, and wood is not used.

(2) No waste water can be produced or discharged during the production and development process. Environmentally friendly pressure vessel from nature

(3) The product is water- and oil-proof

(4) It can be frozen, frozen, heated in a microwave oven during use, and can be baked at 220 degrees

(5) The product design can be fully degraded within 45-90 days under natural environmental conditions, and can be composted at home. After degradation, the main economic component is organic matter, which will not develop and produce no waste residue and pollution.

(6) As a Chinese packaging container technology, it has the characteristics of cushioning, compression resistance, shock resistance, etc., and can protect the packaged products through effective information.

(7) Packaging electronic products will not generate static electricity

Disposable cornstarch tableware

The main economic components are carrier resin. Corn produces starch. Coupling agent is composed of low molecular structure such as infiltrant phase solvent. Edible fast food using starch as raw material. It is made by mixing and kneading with reduced starch plants, adding Chinese dietary fiber and learning other edible additives. It is refined by using different biological compounding, polysaccharide formation cross-linking, calcium ion chelation and other technical products. It is processed into four parts: a compact layer, an inner waterproof layer, a rubber mesh layer and an outer waterproof layer.

Most of the cornstarch tableware currently circulating in the domestic market are partially degradable lunch boxes for enterprises, which cannot truly reach the level of full degradation.

Three, cardboard tableware

Cardboard snack utensils are made of 300-350 grams of bleached sulphate wood pulp paperboard as raw materials, and are made by die-cutting bonding or die-cutting pressing, shaping and other processes through a stamping forming process similar to sheet processing.

In order to prevent oil or water leakage, it is necessary to soak the surface of the film or apply chemical additives. In the process of production and use, it is non-toxic to the human body and has no side effects. However, the requirements for the quality of the cardboard are higher, and the cost also increases.


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What are the advantages of pulp molded tableware

Due to the shortcomings of non-degradable polystyrene and biodegradable utensils difficulty in effective recycling, it has brought a lot of inconvenience to the...

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