Lose weight miraculously "ABC Juice" measured 3 weeks waist circumference reduced by 11cm dietitian recommends food


【ABC Juice|Slimming】Recently, the Korean health program introduced a slimming drink called "ABC Juice", which refers to all Hollywood stars who drink while losing weight. Replace breakfast with it, lose 11cm waist in 3 weeks?

The miraculous "ABC Juice" Korean artist measured 11cm in waist circumference

"ABC Juice" is actually composed of the names of the production materials, including Apple, Beetroot and Carrot, Korean health program"건강함의시작, 몸의대화 (Start of Health, Conversation of the Body)" recently talked about the efficacy of "ABC Juice", referring to Hollywood stars such as Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt and others who use ABC juice to lose weight , And guest of the show Hong Xinai used 3 weeks to make the actual measurement.

Guest Hong Xinai had been jogging 2 to 3 times a week for 20 minutes of jogging and 10,000 steps per day. She ate less on meals on weekdays. She ate 6 meals a day with 330ml of ABC juice instead of breakfast. After 3 weeks, her waistline decreased by 11cm The weight has also dropped by 2kg, and the effect is very obvious. Although Hongxin Aizhi only lost 2kg in weight, the whole person feels lighter and looks better. The important thing is that the lower abdomen becomes smaller, and the person looks thinner when looking sideways. Now, ABC juice is known as "miracle weight loss juice" in Korea.

"ABC Juice" can reduce calorie intake nutritionist: pure juice = 1 bowl of white rice

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The production and ingredients of "ABC Juice" are very simple. Just an apple, 1/3 beetroot and a piece of bamboo shoots, put it in a juicer, and then add a glass of cold water to make juice.

The reporter asked Chen Manting, a registered dietitian in Australia(Ariel) Inquiry, "ABC Juice" is a low-fat, high-fiber full-bodied drink that can help reduce calorie intake, supplemented by diet and exercise, the juice is indeed helpful for weight loss.

Ariel also pointed out that a 330mL "ABC juice" is only about 130 calories, which is more than 500 calories less than the Hong Kong people's favorite breakfast ham and egg macaroni set. It is a good breakfast substitute. , Helps detoxification and laxation; plus beetroot and carrots contain a lot of antioxidants, such as Betalains and Carotenoids, which can help fight aging and anti-inflammatory.

Ariel reminded that with vegetable juice as breakfast, protein intake is slightly insufficient. It is recommended to mix an egg or 10 original nuts to balance the belly. If it is used as a meal, it is recommended to drink before meals to increase satiety. Help control the amount of meals.

Ariel pointed out that the juices taken during weight loss are recommended to follow the "2+1 Code", that is, 2 servings of vegetables and 1 serving of fruit to control the return of total calories and sugar: "Generally, it is not recommended to consume pure juices because calories and sugar are both Higher, for example, a glass of 330mL of apple juice equals the sugar content of 3 apples, and the calorie is close to 1 bowl of white rice. However, it is not the same as eating 3 apples at a time. The juice is easy to make us inadvertently consume excessively." The additional addition of vegetable juice alone may not have much effect on weight loss, but if it is used to replace other high-calorie drinks such as soft drinks, packaged juices, whole sugar milk tea, whole milk, etc., it can effectively help reduce calorie intake.


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