Several Strategies for Shaping Children's Good Personality The

Several Strategies for Shaping Children's Good Personality The

Some people say that character determines fate. Although it may not be completely right, there is a certain truth. A person’s personality is formed at a very young age. In order for our children to have a good personality, how should parents cultivate it from an early age? Below are some of the 360 ​​common sense websites. Strategy may you can refer to.

Child psychologists divide children’s personalities into four broad categories:

(1) Good children. The children who are easy to adapt account for about 40%. Its characteristics are: relatively docile personality, good temper, fairly standardized circadian rhythm, and even regular urine and bowel excretion; easy to adapt to the new environment, can withstand most setbacks when interacting with unfamiliar children, and actively welcome new stimuli. It has strong adaptability to external changes, and positive emotions dominate.

(2) Children who are half a beat. That is, children who adapt slowly, accounting for about 15%. Its characteristics are: slow response to external stimuli, showing a mild negative reaction. It takes a long time to adapt to the new environment after repeated contact. It often takes a long time to change from negative to positive and to feel comfortable. Such children will have a melancholic reaction when encountering new things, strangers or entering school, but they can become more tolerant after repeated exposure. These children have little activity and sometimes have a bad temper.

(3) Difficult children. That is, children who have difficulty adapting account for about 10%. Its characteristics are: irregular work and rest, particularly active; eating and sleeping irregularly; accepting new things slowly, showing a withdrawal response to new stimuli, and poor adaptability. The adjustment period for new environments and strangers should be extended. Any kind of slight setback will make them lose their temper and cause a lot of trouble in their behavior.

(4) The remaining children have mixed personalities. About 35%.

Child character development

1. Cultivate a lively and cheerful personality.

2, cultivate independence: First, the daily life of independence (such as washing itself, dressing, eating, etc.); the second is the independence of the spiritual aspects of life (such as interpersonal communication, self-confidence, etc.).

3. Cultivate decisiveness: that is, the ability to make clear and timely decisions in a complex and difficult situation. This requires a brave, calm and calm character. It must be cultivated continuously in daily life.

4. Cultivate persistence: Normally, we must cultivate children's character to persist in completing homework and persist in doing things for the group.

5. Cultivate self-control: link it with the cultivation of self-consciousness, clarify the purpose and meaning of the action, and develop a good habit of restraining yourself according to certain requirements.

6. Cultivate communication skills: cultivate children to get along well with others, take care of others more, train from an early age, and do it seriously.

教育 | Education

The influence of family factors on children's character

1. Ways of education

(1) Parents are more democratic, the children are independent, bold, clever, good at interacting and cooperating with others, and have analytical thinking skills;

(2) Parents are too strict and often beat and scold, while children are stubborn, cruel, stubborn or lack self-confidence and self-esteem;

(3) Parents are too doting, children are willful, lack of independence, emotionally unstable, and proud;

(4) If parents are too protective of their children, the children will be passive, dependent, silent, and lack social skills;

(5) Parents have disagreements on parenting, children are more vigilant, pleased with both sides, easy to lie, and opportunistic;

(6) Parents dominate and raise children, and children are obedient, dependent and lack independence.

2. Family atmosphere: A family atmosphere of general harmony, mutual respect, mutual understanding, and mutual support in career and life has a positive impact on the child's character. On the contrary, parental quarrels, estrangement, suspicion and even breakdown of relationships (parents divorced or parents die) have a high rate of juvenile crime.

3. Family structure: Studies have shown that children from two-generation families are better than children from three-generation families in curiosity, persistence, partner prestige, relationship with others, and attitudes toward work. This is mainly related to factors such as the doting of the children by the grandparents in the three-generation family.

4. The status of the child in the family: In the current society where only children are common in our country, if you do not pay attention to the conscious training and education of the only children, it is easy for them to develop bad personalities such as willfulness, carelessness, and selfishness.


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